6 Tips For Moving On A Tight Budget

Moving home can be a costly affair when you factor in security deposits, moving company fees, lost workdays due to packing and more. Fortunately, there are some cheap moving company available, and in this article, we are going to outline six top tips for moving on a tight budget.

Relocating ranks as one of the top three life stressors alongside divorce and death. Let that sink in – moving home is so stressful that it affects people in a similar way to major life-changing events. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a professional moving company or taking the DIY approach, emotions, and decisions are the same. That all said, moving can mean lots of new opportunities in life and a fresh start to reinvent yourself in a new location. Reducing the cost of moving can reduce some of the negative emotions, so here are 6 top tips for saving money:

1. Plan Ahead To Reduce Stress

Failure to plan is one of the biggest causes of stress. You need to learn to stop being reactive and start being proactive. With strategic pre-planning, you can make your move budget-friendly and stress-free. Take a look at some of the many comprehensive moving checklists online to help you get started with planning.

2. Compare Quotes From Moving Companies

You don’t have to hire the first professional moving company that you find. By comparing quotes from different movers, you can save a small fortune on moving fees. There are lots of comprehensive guides that provide list of cheap moving companies online. Furthermore, there are also dozens of great independent moving comparison sites, where you can obtain and compare quotes from hundreds of movers.

3. De-clutter

Paying to transport items that you don’t use anymore is a total waste of money. Spend a day or two de-cluttering your home. Don’t throw anything valuable away. You could generate some cash to fund your move by listing unwanted items on craigslist and eBay. You might also want to have a garage sale to get rid of any large items like furniture and exercise equipment. Moving is a chance to make a fresh start in life, so don’t take any literal additional baggage with you to your new home. Furthermore, if you are downsizing, de-cluttering before your move is likely to be an essential task. While it can sometimes be hard to part with items you have owned for years, it can be unhealthy to hold onto things that serve no purpose in your life.

4. Don’t Buy Moving Boxes

Paying for professional moving boxes can significantly increase the cost of your move, and it’s completely unnecessary. There are loads of places around town where you can obtain free boxes. Offices and schools are a great place to start. Ask work colleagues to hold onto any large boxes they receive. Reaching out to friends and followers on social media can also be a quick way to acquire lots of boxes.

5. Use Creative Financing Options

Having a good credit score means that you can take advantage of 0% borrowing offers to fund your move. That way, instead of having to find lots of extra cash to fund your move at the time, you can spread the cost over several months and avoid paying any interest. Of course, you need a perfect credit history to be eligible for the best offers.

6. Avoid Moving Season

Everyone likes to move during the summer months. There is no ice or slush puddles to deal with, and you can wear light, comfortable clothes. Furthermore, you generally don’t need waterproof boxes for your belongings since rain is less lightly. That all said, moving during the peak season is expensive. If you can be flexible with your schedule, moving during the off-peak season is an easy way to save money. Moving companies are often desperate for customers during the colder months, so they reduce their rates. Great thing about moving to a new city in winter is that landlords will also be having a difficult time finding tenants, which means there are likely to be lots more vacancies.

Hopefully, the six tips featured above have helped you to see that moving on a tight budget can be possible. By making wise decisions and planning, you can look forward to a smooth move. Instead of your move being a stressful life event, you will start to view it as an exciting opportunity to start your new life in a new town or city. When you know your move will not almost cause you to go bankrupt, you can start to sleep better on the nights leading up to moving day. Then, when the day arrives, you will be full of energy and ready to mitigate any minor issues quickly.


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