6 tips on how to pack and move quickly to your new home

Moving? Take a look at these 6 packing and moving tips that can help you speed up this cumbersome process. In the first place and before you start, the best thing you can do is to review all your things (and your children’s) and put everything in four different piles, which would be:


  • Things to keep
  • Things to sell (How about making a garage sale?)
  • Things to donate
  • Things to discard


Once you know what is going to move with you, start packing following these 6 tips:

  1. It starts with time

Do not forget that packaging always takes more time than you think. So start packing three to four weeks before the day of the move. You can start by saving the things that you use less and that you know you will not need at hand during that time.

  1. Gather your packaging tools

Thick markers, a good packing tape, boxes of different sizes and a lot of garbage bags should be in the same place along with other packing materials, such as bubble wrap or newspaper. Make sure everything is going to be in one place so you do not have to walk around your messy house every time you need something.

  1. Make a strategy

Having a strategy is important; You could even have fun with her. For example, packing the most important things together or wrapping one room at a time and marking with different colors, could be very useful. Putting numbers in boxes and making a list of their contents can also be a good strategy. Make your own by being creative.

  1. Use trash bags

You can fill large trash bags with all the items that do not break such as bedding, towels, pillows, etc. Garbage bags have the capacity to be used as a filling for trucks and occupy less space than boxes. Because you will be throwing or donating some things, buy the bags in different colors, some for the packaging and others for the things of discard or donation.

  1. Cardboard boxes

Mark each box by several sides. Make sure they are also marked when their content is fragile. Fill the larger boxes with light items and small boxes with heavy things, such as books, for example. This will help you avoid the boxes from becoming loose. Finally, you can always get used boxes. U-Haul has a place where others can pick up used boxes and reuse them for free.

  1. The packing point

Choose a room in your house that is well located and large enough to serve as a “packing point”. That will be the place where you must have all your tools. Start stacking the boxes or bags as you are closing them, that will make the day of the move much easier. Moving alone is much more difficult to pack and shift to a new home, In this case, Edmonton Movers is a reliable mover.


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