6 Ways To Enhance Your Home’s Privacy

Short of moving to a secluded cottage in the woods, there are quite a few ways you can reasonably improve the privacy of your home.

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In fact, most of the projects outlined below are easily completed over the weekend with minimal DIY construction skills. Plus, all of these ideas can easily add value to your property should you look to sell!

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1. Install Privacy Shades

Having a lot of Windows and glass doors throughout your property is a great way for natural light to enter your space. However, having too much glass can hinder your privacy as well. In fact, glass can make you feel completely exposed and vulnerable if you live in a neighborhood where your neighbors are in close proximity. One way to counteract this problem is to install privacy blinds or shades on your doors and windows.

Shades can help you feel safe in the privacy of your own home while also helping to insulate your entrances against the heat or the cold. Additionally, if you live in an area with heavy city traffic or near ongoing construction, your privacy blinds can help block out some of the excess noise.

2. Privacy Hedges

Privacy trees and hedges are great at making your outdoor space feel more personal while also increasing the privacy of your indoor and outdoor areas. In fact, you don’t need to plant a jungle out there! A few carefully placed shrubs or trees can help block out excess sunlight and keep prying eyes from getting a view of your home.

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The only setback with this solution is that it takes a long time for trees, plants, and shrubs to mature enough to actually offer adequate privacy. However, if you wait long enough for the seedlings to mature, you not only enhance the privacy of your home, but you’ve just increased the curb appeal tenfold.

3. Erect A Fence and Gate

A gate and fence is perhaps the most obvious yet often overlooked solution to your privacy woes. Erecting a fence around the perimeter of your property doesn’t just decrease visibility from the street, but it offers a better sense of security. It is a great way to ensure your home still has plenty of curb appeal while offering all the advantages of full privacy. If you’re looking for advice or some help on getting a gate then take a look at the driveway gates at Gates Scotland

When planning your fencing, it’s important to carefully select the finishes, materials, and the height of the planks. It’s crucial to pay attention to the relative height of your own home, the visibility from the street, and the height of surrounding buildings when planning your fence. For example, if you have minimal shrubbery and your outdoor space is virtually ground-level, you will need to consider building a higher fence.

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4. Frost Your Windows

Fogging or frosting your windows is another great way to ensure you still let natural light seep into your home while preserving your need for privacy. This method allows you to fully enjoy the advantages of having plenty of windows on your home and still feel safe from prying eyes. Fortunately, this privacy enhancing method is also affordable and highly recommended for bathrooms, garages or basements.

5. Create An Enclosed Porch 

This method of enhancing your privacy is not as cost effective as your other options, but it does a fantastic job of making your outdoor space completely personal. Your porch or patio is a great place to entertain friends and family, but without added privacy features, it can make you feel completely exposed. This is especially the case if you live in an area where there are tall buildings in your neighborhood.

When installing an enclosed porch or a patio area, make sure to opt for either windows screens or tinted glass. This can further enhance your feeling of safety and security when staying outdoors.

6. Install A Privacy Trellis


If you find that your home is unsuitable for privacy hedges and shrubs or a tall fence, installing a trellis is your next safe bet. Living in an urban setting or even in a townhome will mean that your options for enhancing privacy are slightly more limited. However, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for what you have right now!

In fact, a trellis adds a romantic touch to any outdoor space while protecting you from nosy neighbors and prying eyes. You can even add personalization to your trellis by hanging native plants from the top or running ivy up the length of it.


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