7 Authentic Interior Decoration Props for a Complete Home Makeover

If you are trying to find the perfect theme for your new home, then how about a theme that makes your home look modern yet colorful with just enough touch of patterns? Yes, we are talking about Israeli themes. Here is the list of props to make your home look thoughtfully designed:

1. Challah Boards

The Challah board is a great centerpiece for your dining table. They are originally used compulsorily on Friday nights in Jews households. These can be made of wood, stone, marble, or glass. The glass or stone boards with different patterns and beautiful designs have a unique royal look. If you are trying to find a uniquely-designed tray that also works as an interior prop, this is perfect for you.

2. Kiddush Cups

Traditional tableware is used in Kiddush meals in the Jewish community which encourages eating and drinking with friends and family. You will be stunned to see the beauty of Kiddush cups. Nowadays they come in many varieties from those with a simple minimal look to beautifully-crafted silver cups. They also come in different shapes but are traditionally shaped to look like wine glasses. This beauty will be difficult for you to resist if you want your table to look idiosyncratic.

3. Shofar

Choosing pieces for your wall that doesn’t make the interior overwhelming but certainly gives it an attractive touch can be difficult. Shofar, an ancient musical horn originally made of the horn of the ram, is traditionally used on the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah. It can be of different sizes and adds a great touch to a bohemian-style home. Try this horn for home decoration to add a statement to your living room.

4. Amulets

Jewish-style amulet wall hangings add a middle-eastern aspect to the home. Hamsa or the protecting hand of Marium, The Star of David, or antique Sephardic amulets with Hebrew inscription would certainly reflect the traveler within the owner of the home. You can find silver wall hangings and colorful glass and stone amulets to hang on the walls of bedrooms or in the hallway.

5. Mezuzahs

So your home is decorated but you also want the doorsteps of your home to have a unique touch. Try affixing a mezuzah. You can find hundreds of designs of mezuzah boxes to choose from. From jeweled mezuzah boxes to silver, wooden boxes with or without designs, you can find it all. Mezuzahs have originally been used by Jews people to put God’s words (prayers in the mezuzah scrolls) on the door as a mitzvah.

6. Tzedakah Box

If you want to add something to your desk or shelf that looks antique and reminds you of good deeds, a tzedakah box is perfect. These boxes have been used in Jewish households to collect donations and symbolize the right for economic and social equality. There are wooden, steel, and metallic, round, rectangular, and polygon tzedakah boxes with designs carved on the body available to pick the perfect one for your home.

7. Chanukah Menorah

This branched candelabrum comes with beautiful backdrops made from laser cut wood which will add a bit of glamour to the desk of your living or dining room instead of the boring candle-holders.

These props would create definition with authenticity in your home.


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