7 Benefits Of A Clean Home

Everyone wants a clean house, right? But why? It takes work to clean your house and to keep it clean. It seems like just as soon as you get your house clean, someone messes it up again. You wash the windows, and the next time you look you see handprints all over them. Or just as soon as you finish washing the dishes it seems like the sink is full of dirty dishes again. Sometimes you probably wonder, “What’s the point? Why do I even bother?” But keeping your house clean will benefit you. Let’s look at some of the benefits of a clean home. 

A Clean Home Will Eliminate Stress from your Life

This may seem hard to believe, but keeping your home clean will reduce your stress levels. When your home is clean everyone in the family can find things more easily. Order will reign supreme and some of the chaos of life will be banished to the closet. Have you ever looked around your house and hoped that no one would come to the door that day? How stressful if someone were to see your house in its messy condition. Reduce that stress factor by keeping your home clean. 

A Clean Home Will Help You Stay Organized

You’ve heard the saying, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” A clean home and an organized home will work together to create a calmer, more peaceful home. It is easier for your child to find his shoes if he knows where the shoes are kept. If his shoes are always put in the same place, he knows where to look for them. How often do you lose bills? You know the bill needs to be paid, you saw it come in the mail, and now you are frantically looking through piles of advertisements and credit card applications trying to find the bill. Clean and organize the mail when it comes. Have a plan for the mail – junk mail gets thrown out, credit card applications get shredded, letters from Grandma go in this file, and bills always go in this folder. Keeping things organized will help keep your home clean, and keeping your home clean will assist with keeping your things organized.

Your Health Will Benefit from a Clean Home

We all want to be healthy. We teach our children to wash their hands frequently to eliminate germs and bacteria. Keeping your home clean will add to your efforts in staying healthy. Removing shoes at the door is an example of cleanliness aids in healthfulness. What is on the bottom of those shoes? Do you want that tracked all over your floor? Keeping a clean home will help to eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses from your house. Don’t give dirt and germs a place to thrive in your home. Your mental health will benefit from a clean house also. A dirty and messy house causes you to feel depressed and worthless. You may look around your home and consider yourself a total failure. Don’t give in to those – feelings. Start cleaning. Your self-esteem and self-worth will benefit. If you feel like even a clean home isn’t making you feel better and you’re struggling with your mental health, get the support you deserve from licensed mental health professionals today.

Your Allergies Will Appreciate a Clean Home

Many people suffer from allergies. Think about what triggers allergies. Often it is dust, mold, mildew – allergy triggers we can eliminate by cleaning our home and keeping it clean. The amount of dust that accumulates in my home always surprises me. Regular dusting and vacuuming can eliminate many allergens. Cleaning air vents and vent covers will help with this as well. Cleaning will help with mold allergies also. Keeping towels washed and dried will prevent mold and mildew issues. What about that sponge on your kitchen sink? Have you smelled it recently? Sponges too often harbor mold. We need to regularly clean or replace those as well. 

Keeping Your Home Clean Will Promote and Reinforce Good Habits in Your Children

We all try to teach our children good habits for life. One of those habits we need to teach them is keeping the house clean. We tell them to put away their toys, to make their beds, to pick up their clothes. By working to keep your house clean you are reinforcing those habits you are trying to teach your children. Your kids learn by watching, by example. So as we clean our homes our example is teaching them good habits and practices for them to emulate. When we have them help us clean we can teach them proper cleaning practices. We need to teach them that cleaning is not drudgery, that it is good for us, that it will make us feel better about ourselves. 

Hospitality Is Easier When your Home Is Clean

It is far easier to invite someone into our home when we know it is relatively clean. We are more likely to ask that friend in for a cup of coffee when we know that the sink is not piled full of dirty dishes, and when there is more than just a pathway through the house. Do you have to spend hours cleaning before the repair technician comes to fix the furnace? Not good! Keeping your house clean regularly saves you time when someone visits you. It is easier to clean and keep our homes clean than it is to go on desperation cleaning binges. Those are just exhausting!

File Potential Damage or Loss Insurance Claims More Easily With a Clean Home

If something happened to your home that required you to file a claim with your insurance company, would you be able to figure out what was damaged or missing? If a theft occurred, could you easily tell what was stolen? Or would the burglar be filing a claim against you for damages caused by tripping over everything on the floor in your house? Having a clean and organized house will allow you to more easily find the extent of any damage or loss.

Cleaning your home is not always enjoyable, but it is beneficial. Having your house clean and organized will simplify your life. It will help you feel better about yourself. Keeping your home clean will provide you many benefits. Your health, your family, your stress levels, even your children will all benefit from a clean home. 


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