7 Deadly Decorating Sins

In the overwhelming world of interior design, one can easily lose track and cross the thin line between stylish and kitschy. The road to decorating disasters is paved with good intentions. If you are not professional, chances are you messed up your interior more than once. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Let’s admit it – everyone is guilty of at least one decorating sin. Can you name yours?

7 Deadly Decorating Sins1

Improper Lightening

Lightening is an often neglected feature with such a huge impact on the living space. Besides their functional application, the right light fixtures can highlight a detail, make a colour pop and set up a certain mood. You need a combination of three types of lightening – ambient, task and accent. The first one provides the general, evenly distributed illumination. It can be a natural light or a ceiling fixture. Task lightening is used for a specific purpose like a reading lamp on a desk or a pedant over the kitchen countertop. Accent lightening serves to highlight a decor feature such as an art piece. How many of these you have at home? Maybe only the first two.

7 Deadly Decorating Sins2

Fear of Colour

Your home has an amazing potential that may never be unleashed, simply because you prefer to play safe. There is nothing wrong to stick with the neutrals. Nothing screams class like creamy white and soothing beige. Yet, contrast and bright shades is what will take your interior to another level. A layer of paint is the cheapest and quickest way to transform your place.

Forgetting the Floor

There are many reasons to rethink your floor. The floor plan has a huge impact on the functionality of your home. You don’t want to hit your feet every time you pass around a table or a chair. If something doesn’t feel right, check your floor plan. Ensure the natural flow between the rooms. The proper floor plan can even make your home cleaning easier.

A Matchy – Matchy Look

It’s one thing to have a coherent design. It’s completely different thing to fill your home with matching sets. You don’t want your decor to look like your grandma’s house. Don’t be afraid to use contrast. Juxtapose different textures, fabrics, materials and colours. There is both dynamics and harmony in contrasting features.

Detail Excess/Scarcity

It’s difficult to say how much details are enough. There is no rule of thumb. You need to “listen” to room and decide what works. It also depends on the style you want to follow. Obviously, if you are embracing a minimalistic approach, you should keep it simple. You want just the right amount of details to highlight the beauty of your decor, without visually cluttering the space. Plus, more stuff means more cleaning and dusting.

A Cliché Design

There is nothing exciting in obviously themed rooms. Designing a place around a certain time period or look down to the tiniest detail is predictable and leaves little to the imagination. You basically end up with a home that lacks personality and the “you” element. A good decor is timeless and reflects the people who live in it.


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