7 Decoration Ideas for Your Living Room

Putting your own personal style and stamp on what is probably the first room that guests coming into your home can be important. Within this room your personal interests, taste, style and the things that you surround yourself give insight. There are ways to create a truly unique environment that is indicative of who you are as a person.interior-chrismas

A living room mostly features comfortable furniture such as a couch or sectional sofa and chairs. A central conversation area can be formed around a coffee table that serves as a surface to hold refreshments, or a place to lay other interesting objects. Cushions, pillows, in various textures and styles add warmth and an inviting glow to the surroundings of your living room. While you could go out and buy all of these things in one wild shopping spree, taking the time to consider and to pull together what is your own personal ‘look’ is what separates your real style from anyone else’s.unnamed

Elements such as color, style, texture, grouping, can give a space a more homey feel. White on white is more than just a clinical color. It can be inviting and warm and entice guests to stay. Brighter colors can be energizing and serve as a great accent to any base color, while darker, cooler colors such as blues, greens and warm browns also have a homey, inviting feel that is both cozy and intimate.Chrismas


  1. Lighting, being one of the most important elements, focuses on objects, activities or highlights the overall tone of a room.T8 ballast LED lights can be the good option to give brighter look to a room.


  1. In recent years, battery LED lights for the home have become more popular. More and more homeowners are turning to the energy efficiency that is provided by LED battery operated lights such as flameless candles, for example. Everyone loves the glow of candles but the risks to home safety in terms of starting a fire have been greatly reduced by using LED lights, which tend to run more efficiently than incandescent bulbs, run cooler and can be controlled by timers or remote control. Available in a variety of sizes and intensity, some flameless LED candles are also scented in order to mimic scented candles.


This room has a wonderful cabin retreat feel and it owes its warmth to many lanterns that contain battery operated LED lights that can be used in the home. These flameless candles can be grouped together or used singly.


  1. Create focal areas in the home such as seating and activity areas where family members and guests gather.   You can create this with how you arrange your furniture, or delineate the space by using lighting that focuses on architectural features, artwork or other points of interest. This can be done in areas where reading, TV watching, games or just relaxing tend to happen. You can use either hard wired lights or battery operated choices that save energy as well.
  2. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all you need to make a room brighter and make it feel more pulled together. Humans understand the language of color and sometimes just painting a room in stark white might not be the answer. Consider your preferred color scheme in terms of your furnishings, artwork and accent pieces. You can pull these items together in unexpected ways that will lend a feeling of comfort and relaxation in your living room space.   Be sure to see how the paint looks under the lights that you are going to use in the space. Sometimes how it looks in the store may seem right, but isn’t quite the right fit when you get it home. Most paint and home improvement stores offer small jars of paint for a nominal cost so you can see how it looks before committing to painting the entire room.
  3. There is no room more inviting in a home than a living room that is lined with books. Since medieval times, books have been the mark of both wealth and intelligence. Today, book cases and shelves with books remain to be an excellent way to decorate in the home.   Even with the increased use of eReaders such as Kindle, most homeowners like the comfort of being surrounded by real books that can be read at any time.
  4. You can turn almost anything into a coffee or side table.   Whether you have a stack of old hat boxes or vintage suitcases, large Ottoman’s or footstools can make a surface that can act as a table.
  5. Use full length, ceiling to floor curtains to give the illusion of more space, provide added heating to keep out drafts in the winter months, and can give a room a more luxurious feel.   Also, make use of throw or area rugs to help define spaces and give even more warmth and comfort your living room space.



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