7 Largest Ceramic Manufacturers In Vietnam

From kitchen and bathroom essentials to floor decors, from roofs to insulating buildings, ceramic seems to be everywhere around us.

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And from the given usage of ceramics, all we can do is thank the manufacturers who implement their many years of experience and expertise to gift the world a wide array of ceramic items. 

Talking about ceramic manufacturers, do you know that Vietnam is the epitome of its production? On this note, here are the seven largest ceramic manufacturers based in Vietnam.


Ever since its inception in 1974, Viglacera has been a goldmine of Vietnamese manufacturing. Being Vietnam’s largest ceramic tile manufacturer, Viglacera’s humble roots illustrate its dedication to making ceramic tiles by hand. But today, it has triumphed as one of the superior manufacturers of building materials and tiles all around Southeast Asia. With versatile products, Viglacera has helped build revered landmarks outside and inside the geographical boundaries of Vietnam.

By honing on their skills and expertise, the professional team invests in astute methodologies and production services. Today, it runs six tile factories around the country. It can produce more than 35 million square meters of top-notch porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles annually. By interpreting the customers’ needs and taste to understand market trends, Giglacera shapes premium quality ceramic products that have rich design philosophies. Sustainability is another parameter that the company prioritizes, thereby creating products in harmony with Mother Nature. 

Dong Tam Trading

Established in 1969, this Ho Chi Minh-based company has become a cornerstone in manufacturing ceramic tiles. It produces construction materials besides interior decoration products, works in trading in the real estate sphere, exploiting seaports, investing, building and leasing land in the industrial zones, investing in joint ventures and associates, and leasing factories.

Sustainable development is the first thing that the company focuses on. They bring optimal values for the investors and living standards for individuals. Innovation, creativity, persistence, and self–discipline are the words that go synonymous with the company’s popularity. 

Dong Tam Trading focuses on delivering luxury and modern convenience with best-in-class aesthetics. As a result, it has become a leading corporation in Asia, garnering credibility from foreign and domestic markets.

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TTC Ceramic

By taking quality as a fundamental value, TTC Ceramic develops with utmost sustainability. So far, it has implemented its humble implementations to preserve Mother Nature. Besides sustainability, it prioritizes delivering high-end ceramic tiles that include Semi-Polished Porcelain, Ceramic, digital plating, Granite, and other essential materials nationwide.

TTC Ceramic sets standards for its increasing popularity to make more significant strides with sustainable development. It shouts the slogan for increasing customer satisfaction, thereby delivering client-centric solutions. This famous manufacturer produces advanced wall and floor tiles and hires employees who have market expertise and experience.

MIKADO Technology

Established in the year 2012, the company comes with the trademark MIKADO. The MIKADO Technology and Trading Joint Stock Company lead the manufacturer of porcelain, Terracotta, and ceramic tiles in Vietnam. Although it is in the fourth position in this list, MIKADO takes pride in delivering quality solutions, thanks to the qualified staff who have proficient knowledge and creative proficiencies.

With astute knowledge, the team implements creative methodologies for sales as well as marketing. MIKADO is ready to meet the customer requirements following the recent market trends. It comprises three factories that produce Porcelain and Ceramic tile, and one produces Terracotta tiles.

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Art Home Ceramics Company

Art Home Ceramic specializes in the trading and manufacturing ceramic items for industries, including home decoration, architecture, and construction. All the products originated from Lai Thieu. They understand the importance of customer satisfaction and go the whole nine yards in meeting the domestic demand. Besides, they are a developing ceramic exporter that aims to reach the market worldwide. Ceramics from its house meet firm requirements of markets of America, Europe, Northwest Asia, and Australia.

Their dedication deserves a standing ovation because of the guaranteed products that get machine thoroughly. They have excellent impact resistance and durability and build materials including ceramic, cement, and poly fiberglass.

CuongPhat Company Limited

CuongPhat Company is the precursor of a company established in 1983 – CuongPhat Ceramics and Handicraft Enterprise. It specializes in supplying and producing premium quality porcelain and ceramics. Their significant products are Japanese ceramics, wine bottles, black ceramics, flower pots, and square glass, to mention some.

By employing 900 personnel, CuongPhat confidently meets large orders. An astute team of professionals also develops ceramic household appliances like spice bowls, bowls, flower vases, teapots, etc. Their products get exported abroad in countries like France, England, the USA, Germany, Japan, Russia, etc. It hires highly skilled professionals who can reshape the services in a customer-centric approach.

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Kim Truc Ceramic Co., Ltd

Kim Truc Ceramic specializes in delivering small-sized ceramic products in Vietnam. They have garnered immense popularity over 12 years. Through the three production areas, the company has become one of the prominent manufacturers.

Meeting customers’ demands is the only core objective of the company. They have over 1,700 employees who specialize in chemistry, ceramics, mechanics, arts, and physics. In addition, the company has a team of customer support assistants who speak French and English.

Parting Words

So, these are the seven best ceramic manufacturers in Vietnam, renowned for the high-end production of ceramics for many years. Go through each description properly and then choose the one you like the most. Irrespective of the manufacturer you decide, you will always get high-quality ceramic that speaks of sheer brilliance.


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