7 Must-Have Tools to Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean

We strive for the better part of our lives to buy ourselves a home, which can prove to be a haven of warmth and comfort for us. But, merely setting up a cozy home is only half the job as the health of a home without maintenance declines rapidly.  Maintenance takes consistent effort and energy, and one of the most crucial elements of maintaining your home is keeping it clean.

Keeping your home clean is not only pleasing to the eye but also has a lot of health benefits for your family, which is why you can find a range of useful tips to keep your home clean. But, these tips are not going to be enough if you do not have the right tools. Therefore, we have listed here seven tools you must have to keep your home squeaky clean.

  1. Scrubbers:

Scrubbers are incredibly useful in removing even the most stubborn blemishes on your tiles or dishes. Therefore, it will always be helpful if you have short and long handle scrub brushes that can be used for smaller and larger surfaces, respectively. Moreover, you can also buy a scrubber machine if you are too lazy to rub off the stains manually.

  • Microfiber cloth:

Microfiber wipes and other cleaning fabrics have hit the market recently and are proving to be much more useful as compared to conventional cleaning fabrics. Microfiber cloth is a blend of synthetic polymers like polyester and nylon, which makes it incredibly soft and durable. It has been reported that wipes and mopes made from microfibers have been able to eliminate 99 percent of the bacteria as they access the tiniest pores present on various surfaces.

  • Storage Boxes:

Cleanliness is not only limited to the usage of various solutions and scrubbers, but it also is a result of decluttering and organizing your stuff. Therefore, try to have plenty of storage boxes for various items, especially the leftover ones, so that their smell does not diffuse through the whole house.

  • Broom and Dust Pan:

Broom and dustpan is an old school combination to get rid of dust particles settled on the surface of the hard surfaces like wooden floors or tiles. 

  • Dusting Stick:

You may be able to clean the easily accessible parts of your home regularly, but there are areas like dust-catching fans and walls which are not cleaned regularly due to their lesser accessibility. In this regard, a dusting stick can prove to be helpful as it increases your accessibility so that you can remove not only the dust particles but also the webs etched by spiders in the remote corners of your home.

  • Vacuum Cleaner:

You cannot remove all the accessible dust particles with the help of a broom and a dustpan because there are certain areas where a broom cannot reach. In such circumstances, the vacuum cleaner comes into play because it sucks the dust particles located in the narrowest spaces. 

  • Air Purifiers:

The condition of air in your home contributes to the overall cleanliness of your home. Therefore, it is a wise idea to install air purifiers in your home to minimize the existence of microorganisms and dust particles.


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