7 proven tactics to attract more Instagram followers

Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms in today’s world.

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The platform has more than 700 million active users, which fuel to grow big in the social media world. 

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You can be an influencer, creator, or an agency or a business, big or small, Instagram is there to cater to your growth needs. Moreover, growing on this platform is no rocket science. You can do it with simple yet effective methods.

Here are 7 proven tactics to attract more followers on Instagram:

Making the best use of the Bio section

Instagram bios are often overlooked while talking about how to gain followers. One must remember that it is the bio that reflects the personality of the page when a person first comes across it. 

Thus, be humorous and personable in your bio. Make it clear what your Instagram account is about in those 150 characters as much as you can.

Crafting the Right Caption

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People frequently ignore the caption area, mostly due to Instagram being a photo and video sharing app. While constructing a caption put the keywords at the beginning to draw the focus of your audience. 

Asking questions through captions by using hashtags like “OOTD”, makes your caption look personable and people will readily engage in them. Also, don’t miss out on using emojis in your caption. A lot of research has shown increased engagement and view results due to the use of emojis. They give a breezy, attractive air about the post as well as the profile.

Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories might look like the ideal form of marketing your content to attract followers

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However, it is an incredibly popular feature. Your audience can miss out on your post due to the Instagram algorithm and crowd but they are always likely to catch your stories. Thus, doing something basic like sharing your post on your story and asking people to check it out also works wonderfully. Moreover, the Instagram story feature is fun because you can add stickers and decorate it with colors and make your ordinary post look more enchanting. 

And now that Instagram gives you a story highlights option, you can save your best story features on your profile front for people to discover your content more easily. These highlights are great tools for sharing useful information. For example, if you’re a personal injury attorney, you may use this feature to add guides for injury victims. You can also add hashtags to your stories to get them to feature under the particular hashtag’s explore section. 

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Reel It

Instagram reels feature is new, which is precisely why you have the abundance to use it and explore its potentiality. Instagram is very dedicated to its reels feature. So much so that presently alongside the explore tab is the reels tab that acts like explore but exclusively for reels. Moreover, Instagram is a video sharing app and making reels is a boost to your account. 

These 15 to 30-second videos are great crowd magnets and let you attract a lot of followers. Also, because these are short video excerpts, views are likely to watch them more than longer post videos or IGTV. Thus, it results in an increased number of views and likes, which works for the Instagram algorithm to make your account more discoverable.

Sharing Themed & User-Generated Content

Aesthetics is everything when it comes to Instagram. As a visual platform if you win over the theme and curating tailor-made content you achieve it all on Instagram.

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 It is crucial to know what your followers like or what is popular in the majority and generating content based on that. Staying in trend is not monotonous, it is helpful for your account’s growth. Similarly, having a good theme for your account makes it aesthetically pleasing attracting a wide range of followers.

Tagging is Important

Instagram allows you to tag accounts on your story as well as add location to your post. These two features make your account more visible and increase your reach, attracting more followers. 

Increase your potential audience of a post by tagging other relevant users and adding locations to your posts. Do not forget to mention brands whenever it is significant.

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Engaging with the Audience

Instagram is a social community. You need to network and engage with people to be able to grow. Be attentive and leave valuable comments on fellow creators’ posts. Reply to the relevant comments you get on your post.

 Engage in “Shoutouts For Shoutouts.” Once in a while, host a giveaway or contest. Use the live feature to personally interact with the audience. The more you engage with your audience, the more they appreciate your content and you as a creator.

Instagram recognizes accounts as valuable when they use the full range of its feature. So, don’t hesitate to experiment with more features beyond this list. Only by trial and error can you get your Instagram get right.


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