7 reasons why wooden doors are the best choice for home

7 reasons to choose wood interior doors

Long gone are the days when doors were a defense against intruders or weather surprises. Today, much attention is paid to the appearance of wall structure elements.

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It is the door that creates the first impression of the room into which it leads. It is unlikely that someone wants to take the handle of an old, dilapidated door. And how pleasant it is to open an exquisite, beautiful, and presentable door.

Modern Wooden Interior Doors at https://unitedporte.us/interior-doors/interior-pre-hung-wood-doors-in-stock  is a combination of nobility, luxury, solidity, and positive energy. They are considered classics and decorate the most elite houses. This design perfectly copes with its key tasks, protecting your premises from noise and drafts, and it serves as a finishing touch to the overall picture. Nowadays, more and more people prefer wooden doors, and there are 7 reasons for this.

Reason 1 – huge choice of options

Consumers who want to know how to choose an interior door will be able to do this without much difficulty thanks to a great range of products. Modern manufacturers strive to satisfy all the needs of buyers, constantly delighting them with new and extraordinary inventions. Thanks to this, a large selection of doors is available today, and it’s striking in variety. They are classified mainly by their material for manufacturing:

  1. Oak – expensive models, which can boast of their wear resistance and long service life. This wood has different shades, from light, almost white to dark (brown) with a beautiful pattern.
  2. Beech is a cheaper option, although it is not inferior to oak in terms of strength. It doesn’t like humid air. The color of this wood is light pink, it has a homogeneous texture, which makes it possible to complement any interior.
  3. Ash is characterized by its affordable price, high durability, and ease of use. It isn’t demanding to the microclimate of the room, the strength is the same as that of oak.
  4. Pine – products from this wood are considered the most practical, therefore they are used in many houses and apartments.
  5. Exotic woods – they are valued for their beauty and originality of colors. If it is rosewood, it has the color of chocolate, and African birch will delight you with a pink or light brown color.
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Exclusive interior doors are made of mahogany. It is hard and highly valued wood, refined and sophisticated models are made out of it. They look perfect on designer photos and in real interiors.

Reason 2 – source of living beauty

Interior doors are one of the main components of the decoration of any room. They serve as decoration of the space between rooms, and complement it favorably. They do an excellent job of performing aesthetic functions. The irresistible appearance of the structure emphasizes the high status of its owner. Such models always look stylish, sophisticated and prestigious.

Reason 3 – solidity

You can choose the doors for interiors made of natural solid wood and not worry that they may become deformed, warped or stratified. This material is highly durable and solid. It will take huge efforts to deform the structure. The most wear-resistant wood species are:

  • beech and oak;
  • juniper and birch;
  • apple tree.

If the apartment owners are used to opening doors with their feet, they should choose pine products or birch models.

Reason 4 – soundproofing

One of the main functions is sound insulation from external factors. Doors allow you to spend time alone and relax, hide from prying eyes and go about your business. Soundproofing plays an important role in living together. In families, quarrels most often occur due to its low level.

Excellent soundproofing is one of the striking advantages of the wooden structure. Thanks to it, you won’t have to be distracted by extraneous noises or compromise your interests.

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Reason 5 – sustainability

Wood is the most environmentally friendly material for making doors. It also brings positive energy and natural harmony to your home. Most people think that it attracts success, so they use it as a good luck charm. The natural material from which doors for interiors are made does not pose a danger to human and animal health.

Reason 6 – durability

This parameter is determined by the hardness of the wood. These woods are hardly durable:

  • yew;
  • white acacia;
  • hornbeam;
  • pistachio tree.

High-quality and durable wood lasts a long time, and in the case of proper processing and necessary coverage, even longer. The service life of a premium wooden door is at least 30 years. The varnish coating is able to protect it from moisture and drying out, increasing the service time. Many monasteries and castles in Europe have been successfully using oak and walnut doors, which are hundreds of years old, but they continue to serve faithfully.

By installing such a product, you will provide yourself with peace of mind and protection for years to come.

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Reason 7 – thermal insulation

The production uses solid wood or solid wood base. This property reduces energy consumption for heating a room during the cold season and is a serious reason why to choose wood interior doors is the best idea.

Where can you buy wooden interior doors in US?

If you are looking for a reliable and proven place to buy structures made from environmentally friendly materials, you should contact United Porte. There, you will find an impressive selection of products at attractive prices. You can order goods directly on their website at a convenient time anywhere in the country. You will be able to take your time to study the range of products and choose the best option for yourself or for a gift. Our managers are always in touch and will be happy to help you with your choice! You can communicate with them by phone, by calling or by ordering a call.


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