7 Retirement Communities in Arizona for Freedom and Nature Lovers

Finding a perfect place to spend your golden years can be such an inspirational moment. The freedom to do what you want in brilliant surroundings can make such a difference. A good spot to fulfill those retirement ambitions would be Arizona.

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You have a fantastic choice of retirement communities in Arizona, especially if you are someone who loves to be surrounded by nature and enjoy the opportunity to get out and explore.

Here is a look at some of the best options (in no particular order) if you like the sound of spending your retirement years in beautiful Arizona.

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You get a good mix with Green Valley

What you will notice with Green Valley is that it offers a bit of both when it comes to being at one with nature but with access to city life when you want it too.

Based in the south of Arizona, you are really close to places such as Coronado Forest Park and Desert Meadows. If you want to do some shopping or go to a restaurant, you also have plenty of those options nearby.

Picture postcard Prescott

Some locations are straight out of a postcard scene. Prescott is one of those places, which is ideal if you are a real nature lover.

You will love exploring Prescott National Forest, and Coconino National Forest. There are also some excellent golf courses and cultural centers to keep you entertained and active.

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Scottsdale is an iconic retirement hotspot

If there is one retirement community destination you will have definitely heard about already  ennis ford it will be Scottsdale.

There are a number of retirement communities within the area all offering easy access to a range of outdoor and indoor activities. Scottsdale offers a decent lifestyle blend that proves popular with lots of seniors.

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Wake up to great scenery every day in Mesa

If your top priority is the chance to surround yourself with stunning natural scenery you should take a look at what Mesa has to offer.

There are plenty of iconic landscapes to explore such as Usery Mountain Regional Park and Papago Park. This is a retirement location that delivers when it comes to natural landscapes.

Buckeye deserves a bit of the limelight

While other retirement hotspots in Arizona grab the headlines it’s often the hidden gems that can turn out to be the best option. Buckeye goes under the radar but it shouldn’t be ignored when you look at what it offers retirees.

The Skyline Regional Park is perfect for hiking and biking. There are lots of outdoor activities, and it is a cultural hub too.

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Oro Valley offers an affordable alternative

Another retirement option that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is Oro Valley. It is close to Tucson but far enough away to be an attractive and affordable option.

It is a great destination for active seniors, offering lots of outdoor activities.

Every day is a new adventure at Wickenburg Ranch

If you love living an active lifestyle and enjoy a good mix of sporting and nature-based experiences to fill your day you should definitely take a look at Wickenburg Ranch.

It offers a lifestyle that will allow you to enjoy every moment of your retirement experience and delivers a community vibe that makes it a fun and interesting place to live.

Arizona is a real hotspot for retirement living. When you see what’s on offer you can understand why it is such a fantastic destination where you can live life to the full.


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