7 Tips for Designing a Commercial Laundry Facility

A well-designed commercial laundry facility will improve productivity and safety, among others. This will make it easy for people to move around and maximize the efficiency of the equipment. In this article, we’ll talk about some valuable tips when designing a commercial laundry. 

  • Find the Right Space 

Start with the selection of the right place. Pick a strategic location, which should be close to your target market. It should fit the equipment that you intend to use in your commercial laundry. There should be adequate space not just for your commercial laundry equipment, such as those available at Continental Girbau, but also for people. 

  • Think of the Flow of People 

Whether it is for employees or customers, think about how people will be flowing when they are in the laundry shop. One of the best ways to do this is through time and motion study. It will help in determining the most effective layout to trigger the highest level of productivity. 

  • Include a Sitting Area 

Another must-have is a comfortable sitting area. This will provide space where people can sit down while waiting for the laundry to finish. Washing and drying can take some time, so it is important to have a place where you can rest for a while. 

  • Build a Signage 

Creating effective business signage is also important when designing a commercial laundry facility. Make the sign large enough so that it will be easy to see by your target customers. Choose a compelling color and pay attention to contrast, making sure that the sign will be readable. Install lights to make the signage visible even at night. 

  • Install Heating and Cooling Systems 

Designing a commercial laundry facility should not just be all about what is good for the eyes. It should also be focused on making the place comfortable. The installation of heating and cooling systems is a must. Consider automation to save money and build a more innovative space. 

  • Light It Up 

Choose the best indoor lights to keep your commercial laundry well-lit. When there is proper lighting, it will be easier for your staff to work. This will also make the place more comfortable as against when it is dark. If possible, take advantage of natural lighting, which is also one of the best ways for the business to go green and save money in the long run. Automatic or motion-controlled lights can also be beneficial. 

  • Keep it Well-Ventilated 

Ventilation is important in ensuring peak performance of washers and dryers. Install ventilation systems to prevent equipment breakdowns. It will also prevent mold and mildew, among other problems. This will not only protect equipment, but it will also be crucial in making the facility more comfortable. 

Take note of our recommendations above to design your commercial laundry shop like a pro. More than the right design, it’s also crucial that you invest in the best industrial laundry equipment, such as what you can find at Continental Girbau.


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