7 Velvet Sofa Styling Tips for a Vibrant Living Room

The minute we think about velvet sofas, we automatically connect it with luxury. Of course, velvet sofas exude a feeling of luxury wherever it is placed; but it also offers something better than the other varieties – timelessness.

Velvet sofas look as good as new, even if it has been years since you bought it. By taking good care of your velvet sofa, you can use the same pair of sofas even when you are changing homes. It can be effortlessly designed to suit any kind of living room décor you are planning. Velvet sofas are known to bring a room to life and what’s better than having a great pair of comfy sofas that feels like heaven!

Here are some of the easy styling tips to complement your velvet sofas and make it one with the room settings.

  • Pairing Gold Décor with Velvet Sofa

Source: https://www.koalaliving.com.au/collections/fabric-sofas

Do you know that most velvet sofas go hand in hand with gold-inspired décor?

No matter what kind of living room theme you are planning, just add a single gold-coloured décor in moderation and see the transformation it brings to the scene. If you are aiming to go for a royal look, you can add two to four golden decors.

The decors can be as simple as a golden frame of a large picture or as big as a golden coffee table at the center of the room. The gold-inspired décor brings out the colour and texture of the room and will set the base for the living room theme.

  • Introduce Pops of Colour in a Neutral Theme

Some choose velvet sofas to go for a sublime theme and keep the colours on the downside. However, too much of subtlety with the living room colours can cast a gloomy appeal. Therefore, you can bring out the colour and the aesthetically royal element of the velvet sofa by adding a couple of cushions in bright, contrast colours.

Such simple additions of bright colours in minor elements will pop out from the theme and make way for a vibrant living room even with a majority of subtle colours.

  • Make the Difference with Sculptural Velvet Sofas

If you are bored of the same old, plain velvet sofas or the sublime fabric sofas, then the sculptural sofas are the best choice for you. Sometimes, the plain design of the velvet sofas may not be able to bring out that appeal to the living room. So, instead of that, you can spruce it up with the sculptural sofas that have homogenously sculpted designs all around it. It can be as simple as stripes or sometimes, you can even get hexagonal sculpting on the velvet sofas.

  • Contrast the Background of the Velvet Sofa

When you want the velvet sofa to be the hero of the living room, then we got to work around it. First of all, ensure that the colour of the wall behind the velvet sofa is nowhere near the colour of the sofa.

If by any unavoidable case, you come across such a situation, you can always add some artwork or painting behind in a contrasting colour to bring out the sofa’s colour. If you have chosen a sofa of subtle colour, you can bring it to focus by adding some bright-coloured artwork behind and keeping some bright flowers in vases on a side table near the sofa. You can try out various such ideas to check which one works for you.

  • Choosing a Sofa in a Bold yet Neutral Colour

Velvet sofas are known to turn heads and bring itself to notice. So why don’t to make a statement with a bold-coloured velvet sofa that sits majestically in the center of the room?

As buying velvet sofas is an investment, it is best to take some time to consider the colour and design of the sofa. Unlike fabric sofas, velvet sofas come in plain colours and mostly in dark shades. You can either go contrast against the colour of the room or pick a subdued tone to go with the living room décor.

If you do not have any plans of relocating any time soon, then you choose a colour that matches with the colour of the wall. If not, you can always pick a neutral colour and select the décor to go with the velvet sofa.

  1. Light Up the Sofa

We all love how the light plays on a piece of velvet by bringing out its bright shades. Similarly, if you want to showcase your velvet sofa in its best light, then you have to focus the light on it. Instead of having table lamps or relying on the tube lights at a far corner of the room, you can splurge a bit and choose a ceiling light that hangs just above the sofa. If you can, a well-designed chandelier will even bring out better appeal. Believe us, it will be worth it!

Not only will the ceiling light play on the texture of the sofa, but it also ensures that the velvet sofa remains the center of focus of the living room.

  • Glam the Room with Velvet Elements

Velvet really lets out the vibrancy of the room. You can never overdo with the velvet décor and therefore, instead of just having one velvet sofa at the center stage, you can go ahead and add different velvet elements. It can be in the form of a velvet accent chair in the corner of the room, contrasting velvet pillows, velvet table-top coffee table, or any other minor designs with velvet.

You can play around with the colours of the velvet and match it with the wall colour which, if possible, can be in the tones of velvet colour like royal blue or green to accentuate the velvet sofa.


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