7 Wall Décor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Space

The empty walls in your room are filled with many design possibilities that you should try to explore. Of course, no one would want to live in a house with grey or white walls all through.

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This gives your room a sense of boredom, and it’ll only be a matter of time before you try different décor ideas. A few additions such as flowers, art, new paintings, and mirrors can turn a house into a home.

People have different styles and use different wall decors to spruce up their spaces. But this doesn’t mean that you only go with one style. Sometimes, mixing things up, like combining colors and wall arts, can give your room the look you desire. The good side is that wall décor collections are conveniently available in sites like Fine Art America and many others. The key is to personalize your space as much as possible.

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This article looks at some of the wall décor ideas you can try out:

  1. Mirrors 

Mirrors aren’t only functional in your space, but they’re also decorative pieces. To brighten up your space, a decorative mirror can be added to a blank space with decorative borders. You can either settle for one large mirror or use smaller mirrors to form a gallery wall. These small mirrors can have unique decorative borders to give your wall a beautiful splash.

  1. Tapestries 

Hanging a tapestry on your wall is one of the best ways to spruce up your space. First, tapestries are harder to come by than the other wall art collections, making them very valuable. Secondly, tapestries can be printed or painted, giving you an option to choose from or you can get a piece of both. This kind of décor will add warmth to your space while also blending in with your furniture and other décor in your room.

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  1. Paintings

When the idea of a wall décor crosses someone’s mind, one idea that’ll likely top the list is paintings. This is because paintings are common, and you can find them on the street or in art galleries. But most importantly, paintings come in a wide variety, and just about anything can be painted on a canvas. So, it’s easy to get something that meets your style and imagination and use it to liven up your space.

  1. Wallpapers 

Wallpaper options are always the go-to choice for people who want to decorate an entire wall. Thankfully, there are stick and peel wallpaper options that can be used in rental spaces, and they’re easy to remove. Some wallpapers can last for years, which can be used in your homes. You can choose a wallpaper whose pattern complements other items in your room. For example, in your bedroom, use wallpaper that matches your bedding.

  1. Wall lighting 

Wall lighting offers several possibilities to spruce up your room and, therefore, makes a top idea list. First, there are several ways that you can use to mount the light on the wall. Using a traditional style like scones to mount the lights gives your house a classic and timeless element. You can also explore modern lighting, such as paper lighting. The lighting can be combined with tiled walls to give your space an accent.

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  1. Shelves 

There are several shelves ideas that you can use in your house. For example, you can choose the traditional shelves to arrange your books to get a range of colors, textures, and visual interests. You can try a range of styles such as rainbow patterns, turning pages outwards, or using plants between groupings.

You can also use open shelves or create unique shelves such as tree-shaped shelves to display framed photos, plants, and artwork. The advantage of open shelves is that you can change the accessories on display as you please. Hence, you can get your wall décor matching your mood, season, or event.

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  1. Plates and design objects 

If you have some fine plates and other collections of design objects stored in your cabinet, then you’re missing out on good wall décor ideas. You can use wire plate hangers to display some of your finest plate collections and dishes. These plates can form fantastic art pieces, especially if you combine different materials and colors of plates.


You don’t always have to deal with blank walls, as you have total control of how you want your space to look like, whether you own it or renting. As discussed in this article, there are many wall décor ideas that you can always try out in your space. From tapestries to plates and design objects, you can spruce up your space and turn it into a home.


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