7 Ways to Upgrade Your Garden For The Summer

The beautiful summer weather is here – no way you’re wasting it indoors! Your yard is meant to be your own personal oasis, a lush space you can call your own. The only problem is that your garden isn’t up to par yet this season, and you don’t want to spend the whole summer looking at a drab space that’s meant to inspire.

Here are seven ways to fix up and fall in love with your garden all over again.

1. Add some new flowers

Maybe it’s time to switch up the foliage that’s taking up space in your garden, or perhaps one kind of plant has taken over and is pushing out other plants. Trim them back and make way for new ones. Consider adding some flowers that attract bees and do your part to help the bee population flourish. Remember to double check which plants are native to your area, as you don’t want to purchase and plant invasive species.

2. Invest in a landscaper

Consider it as an investment into your home – just like you would call a plumber or an electrician, you would call a landscaper to improve or fix up your garden. Hiring a professional can make the job a lot easier and faster so you can admire your refreshed green space sooner. Going this route might be costly, but the results will speak for themselves, especially if you’re not a fan of DIY or lack the know-how. If money is tight, small personal loans are available through finance companies.

3. Use pops of color

Not every garden is full of bright, bold, colorful flowers! Some gardens are strictly for veggies, herbs, or greenery. Light up your garden with pops of color by painting terracotta pots, either for function or for decoration, or add colorful outdoor lanterns or fairy lights that shine brightly when the sun goes down.

4. Get crafty

If hiring professional help isn’t an option for you, there are a number of ways to spruce up your garden yourself with little to no spend. Try your hand at some easy, cost-effective DIY projects you can complete over a weekend that will make a big difference in your yard.  

5. Clear out unwanted weeds and grass

It happens to the best of us — life gets in the way, and suddenly, the garden is completely overgrown with unwanted nature. Take an afternoon and remove debris, weeds, and overgrown grass and you’ll be amazed at how big of a difference this one simple step can make in the appearance of your garden.

6. Add a pathway

Add some visual interest to your backyard with gravel, stone, or stepping stone pathway to your garden. If you’re on a budget, gravel is much more cost-efficient than paving or laying down stone, but if you’re going after a whimsical, storybook-feel, stepping stones are the way to go.

7. Include garden art

Cute decor like ornaments, trellises, arches, or fountains adds a certain playfulness to your outdoor space that will certainly refresh the overall look and feel. Step back from your current garden and identify what it needs. Is there a bare wall that needs sprucing up?

Is there a big space that needs filling? Find some pieces that fit in your budget and make them work for you.


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