7 Ways You can Ruin Your Wood Flooring

Installing a wood floor in your home is an investment. Additionally, it is a beautiful addition to your space that can actually increase your homes overall value.  If you wish to maintain the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the flooring that you install, proper care is essential.

The fact is however, that many people do not know that some everyday habits may be causing substantial and permanent damage to their wood flooring. Having to pay for hardwood floor refinishing San Diego is expensive, which is why you need to take the time to ensure you keep your floors damage free. If you wish to maintain the beauty and long-lasting life of your wood floor, you should work to avoid the seven most common mistakes that can cause this damage.

The seven things that you do that can ruin your floor include:

Number 1: Leaving the floor unprotected.

You should place rugs or mats at each entry to your home, or room, where you have hardwood. This will work to catch and grit or dirt that can affect your flooring like sandpaper, leaving scratches and marks on the surface.

Number 2: Not sweeping the floor regularly.

It is important to purchase a soft bristle, good quality broom to use on your wood floor. This will pick up the dust, dirt and other particles that accumulate on the floor and prevent them from leaving scratches and damaging the floor.

Number 3: Using harmful chemicals or cleaners.

It is important to follow the care instructions given by installers and only use suggested cleaners. There are some chemicals and cleaners that can significantly damage your floor and that should be avoided.

Number 4: Waxing a floor with a urethane finish.

This is considered a hard finish, and wax will accumulate and cause the floor to appear discolored and old.

Number 5: Allowing water to stand on your wood flooring.

Water should not be used to clean any type of wood floor. If water is allowed to stand on your wood flooring it can cause your floor to splinter, crack or buckle. If water is necessary to clean the surface, you should only use a damp mop for cleaning purpose.

Number 6: Not hiring a professional for extensive work.

If your floor does have damage, it is important to hire someone who knows how to properly fix it. This will ensure that the integrity of the floor is maintained, while fixing the damage that is present.

Number 7: Sliding furniture across the floor.

If you have to slide furniture, you should purchase protectors to put beneath the legs. However, it is advised that if you must move something across the floor, you pick it up and avoid sliding it at all. This will ensure that no damage results.

Remember, since you are investing money to have a wood floor installed, you should care for it properly and avoid doing the seven things here that can cause substantial and permanent damage to the surface. This will help to increase the longevity of the floor and allow it to maintain its original beauty and appeal.


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