8 Contemporary Design Styles for your Closet Doors

One of the perks of having your own home is the creative freedom to decorate or design any room in your space to be exactly how you want it. With great freedom comes great responsibility, and if you are in need of inspiration to revamp your closet, look no further. Consider opaque glass windows, dark wooden panels and stacked horizontal paneling for a modern take on interior closets. There’s so much more you can do instead of a generic paneled or louvered door. Here are 8 out of the ordinary ideas to spark your imagination.

  1. Sliding Doors

Save yourself the headache of squeaky door hinges and broken handles with the ease of a door on a track. Sliding doors are easy to install and easy to use. Take back your morning with the quiet comfort of opening your closet in one swift and steady motion. This type of door also gives the illusion of more square footage as it doesn’t need space in front for the door to swing open.

  • Frosted Glass   

As shown in the figure to the right, frosted glass doors are an up and coming trend seen more and more often within the interior design community. You can find a good selection of modern interior doors with glass at ETO Doors. The reason this is so popular is it gives the illusion of transparency without visitors being able to clearly make out what lies behind the door. If your closet isn’t always in pristine condition, opt out of the clear glass and go for a frosted finish for a super modern look.

  • Sunken Wooden Paneling

We all love the touch and feel of authentic wooden doors. While a closet is not typically knocked on while guests wait outside, examining the exterior of your home, it is something that you and your family will see and touch every day. A modern solution to the seventies era wooden paneling is the addition of sunken panel sections trailing the length of the door. These subtle sections create depth and give your classic interior just the touch of flavor that you need.

  • Deep Stained Wood

When deciding on a wooden closet door, one of the most important decisions is the color or type of wood. Any orange pigmentation and you may feel nostalgia to your grandparent’s basement, wondering where the shag carpet disappeared to. The key to maintaining the contemporary aesthetic is deep stained wood. Rich dark colors found in Mahogany and Walnut are far more evolved to the twenty first century. Remember that while unsealed wood can be stained a different shade, it is likely the door you are interested in is sealed by manufacturing protocol.

  • Horizontal Paneling

Break up the blank canvas with some thick panels, maybe 4 or 5 to span the width of the door. This simple design will accent any wood or glass door in a delicate but solid manner. The architectural design also makes this style of door stronger and less prone to wood peeling.

  • Eggshell White

For the cleanest, sleekest of designs we recommend the soft and supple eggshell white. Without the harshness of true white, the slightly almond tone will unstiffen any room. This color complements any color wall or furniture, and comes in a variety of styles including horizontal panels and frosted glass accents. Brighten your room with the forgiving paint finish that is sleek and easy to clean.

  • Wood and Frosted Glass Combo

In the day and age we live in, why not strive to get the best of every opportunity. Combining the classic vibe of a wooden door with the modern flare of frosted glass gives you the best of both worlds. While the wood frame is sturdy and thick, the glass panels provide relief and shed lightness on the eyes.

  • Aluminum Stripping

Thin accents of aluminum metal can quickly turn an ordinary door into a conversation piece. While separating panels or simply marking the indent of the door handle, these strips are anything but dull. Choose between shiny or matte finish for slight reflection of your beautiful self as you open your closet and get ready to start your day. 


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