8 Outstanding Feature Walls Designs

If you are searching for a simple yet efficient way to transform and liven up any space, respected designers suggest trying feature walls. The feature or statement wall has the function to differentiate a specific wall or area of the room from the walls that are surrounding it. It can be either a high-impact differentiation or a subtle one. It is up to you to be creative, play with colors and patterns, and choose what exactly you want to highlight in your room. The options are endless.

Meanwhile, we have some ideas that could inspire you to transform your house & make an impressive style statement:

  1. Vertical garden wall

If you want to feel closer to nature while enjoying the comfort of your house, this design will make it possible. Grow your own vertical garden, and you will have fresh air and green plants all year round (for those of you who enjoy 4 seasons), plus you will have the impression of being outdoors even during the lazy days when all you want to do is stay inside. This wall looks amazing and it will definitely cheer you up and add a touch of originality to any room!

  1. World map feature wall

World maps are a stylish element to add to your design and can be wonderful reminders of the fact that you can go anywhere you chose to. While making travel plans or just enjoying your daily life, your map on the wall will give a classy air to your room and may inspire you to do great things!

  1. DIY Sharpie feature wall

The best about this type of wall is that it gives you the opportunity to get playful and creative! Prepare your permanent markers and draw your walls however you would like them! The results will be stunning and full of personality.

  1. Wall mural feature wall

Chose a mural that inspires you and notice how your wall becomes like a door to another place. It can be a very transformational element that works for any space, thereby bringing a new sense of atmosphere into your home.

  1. Chalkboard feature wall

What about transforming one of your walls into something that is both stylish, fun and useful? Try painting it with blackboard paint. This way, you will be able to leave messages for your dear ones, write out ideas, plans, write your or your children’s schedule to make sure they will not forget it. The children too can get creative and draw on the walls, and you can always clean them when you want to draw or write something new.

  1. Art Gallery wall

Great for any art lover who would like to make a room that is full of life and color! Hang up paintings, prints, photos and any artsy stuff in a personal feature gallery. You can increase the stylishness by using different frames and mixing items and colors. Just make sure that all the items complement each other and follow a central theme. Another idea would be to create a bigger image using all of them. Get playful and give freedom to your inner artist!

  1. Bookshelves as feature wall

As mentioned here, using storage items can be a great design idea for a wall. If you are one of those book lovers who has many built-in bookshelves, consider transforming this into a stylish aspect of your room. You can either paint all the shelves and the wall to which they are attached to the same color, or paint the back wall into a different color than the shelves. Whatever you chose you can be sure it will make a strong impact on your room!

  1. Fabric-covered wall

An interesting way to turn a plain wall into a trendy one is by using fabric to decorate it. Wall fabric was in vogue from the early parts of the century. You need only a few hours to complete the design of such a wall, and unlike other elements – it can be simply peeled off if you feel like changing something. Fabric can bring about a sense of more coziness and comfort to a room, and it can also have sound-proof attributes, if you go with upholstery.

In conclusion, there are plenty of things you can do to create a chic statement wall in your house. By all means, choose the colors and ideas that resonate with you and trigger positive feelings all around, but remember that, while such trends can inspire you, ultimately, you’ll have to decide for yourself what really represent you specifically.


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