8 Tips to Infuse the English-Country Style Look in Your Home

English-country style homes share a close bond with nature. They usually feature elements like steep thatched roofs, extravagant gardens, and manicured grounds. English-country style décor is based on traditional color schemes. Muted neutrals combined with rich fabrics and layered patterns have always been a predominant choice.

Whether it is a cookie-cutter home or a sprawling estate, English-country style décor can bring in the much-needed warmth, comfort, and pastoral feeling to the entire place.

The English-country style décor has a 500-year old history. This 20th-century décor style is based on the Georgian, early Victorian period. This choice of décor ranges from the classical Palladian symmetry to the Victorian Gothic. This style of décor is credited to Nancy Lancaster (1897-1994), a decorator and garden designer who was born into a Virginia family. She purchased Colefax and Fowler in the 1940s. Partnering with John Fowler, she introduced the English-country style look first to her own home and then to her clients.

Are you looking to adapt your home to the unique English-country style? Here are a few home decor tips that can help you lend a cozy feel to your home.  

1. Try Conventional Furnishings

English-country style homes are never complete without traditional, sturdy furniture. Wood should be your predominant choice in variations of light/dark-colored or stenciled wood. Deep-seated sofas and chairs with heavily upholstered patterns finish the country-style look. Bookshelves and dressers made of oak, mahogany or pine will also add to the look of your home. Ensure to go for furniture accents made of brass to give your home that complete English traditional-style finish.


Plush pillows, comfy seating, and floral prints are integral aspects of English-country side decor. You can also experiment with layered carpets and oversize sofas similar to this.


Exposed beams, wooden flooring, and cushioned sofas teamed with puffy pillows are a few unmissable aspects of the English-style décor. Exposed wooden beams add life to the rural theme of the countryside and also give a rustic look to your room.


2. Opt for Rich Upholstery

Wooden furniture, combined with pillows or pads, softens the look of your seating areas. Be generous with upholstery. Try heavy fabrics for table skirts and sofas. Think about different window treatments and plenty of ruffled pillows for armchairs. 

Take a look at this home restaurant view with chairs and cushions in complementing colors. Note the metallic lamps, floral decorations and huge windows. Together, they give an urbanized feel to the entire place. The window has been treated with layered-patterned curtains in yellow, adding a cheery ambiance to the whole room.


3. Pick Muted Colors

The English-country style décor is based on muted and subtle colors. Be it the furniture, cabinets or walls, choose soft yet rich shades of yellow, white, pastel pink or red. Such colors lend a comfortable and peaceful charm while eliminating distracting hues and adding life to the room.

Consider the atmosphere of the countryside. Opt for soft shades of brown or blue. This connects better with the English-country style décor.  Take a look at this living room in a combination of different shades of brown. The tchotchke on the table and hanging chandelier add to the earthy look of the entire room. 


4. Choose Eccentric Patterns 

Area rugs and patterned wallpapers are part of English-country style décor. Gingham is a combination of small and large prints and uses shades from the same color. Such choices keep the patterned look from becoming overwhelming. Furthermore, slipcovers for sofas and chairs help you customize your already available furniture to the English-styled look. 

Go for visually-appealing wallpaper patterns. Choose soft colors with floral designs, traditional prints or pastoral scenes like this.


5. Include Flowers and Vines

Handmade, textured vases are part of the English-country style décor. Place decorated handmade baskets and vases with fresh flowers from the garden or dried flowers to give your living space a pastoral look. 

Try growing these beautiful vines to give your home the ultimate English-country style look. Don’t forget to trim them occasionally as they grow fast and can enter downspouts and gutters.


These climbing roses can create a beautiful veil for your entrance. Try having them on your garage entrance or patio.


6. Go for Antique-Inspired Lamp Shades

Chandeliers, lampshades, candles, and portraits have always been a part of the English-country style décor. You can try having a decorated piece of your family portrait hung over the fireplace. Memorable family snapshots can also be enlarged and framed.


7.           Work on the exteriors:

English-country styled cottages usually have an asymmetrical architecture. They feature a steeply pitched roof with sidings in materials of stone or brick.  Picturesque dormers and a predominant roofline highlight the visual presence of the home. 


A well-maintained garden with a front façade adds charm to English-country styled cottages. A picket fence painted white to complement the color of the house in a muted creamy color is the perfect combination. Matching window boxes soften the low hedge border and a casual walkway made of bricks completes the look.


Lantern-style lamps, fixed on the exterior stonewall, make for the perfect combination for an English-country style décor. These lamps include solid brass fixtures that can withstand extreme weather conditions. They are usually available in various colors, shapes, and sizes to fit your requirements.


  1. Set up a Fireplace

Are you trying for a home changeover in Portland? Irrespective of the place you stay at, a cozily set fireplace is a must for every countryside home. Have your fireplace checked regularly through Chimcare Portland and keep it functional.

Ensure that this essentially comfy factor is centrally located to accommodate a gathering of family and friends. You wouldn’t want to run out of space when your guests visit your newly-done English-country style home, would you?  

Check out this fireplace corner in a combination of soft red hues. With spacious armchairs and a center table in printed patterns, this space looks ideal for an evening get-together. The night lamp sitting on the antique table adds greater charm to the entire place. Countryside homes can be either hot or cold. Either way, this rugged area ensures to offer you a great time.


Wrapping Up

English-country style décor helps capture the grandeur of rural living. It exudes a relaxed and countryside feel with comfort as an added potion.  An English-country home is undoubtedly the right mix of classic themes and complementary colors that evoke an air of timelessness. It looks grand, is timeless and also comfortable.

Did we miss any other aspects of the English-country style décor? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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