9 Agrarian Interior Design Trends

Most styles of architecture come about because of a designer’s or architecture’s want to make a building look beautiful and stylish. If you ask some architectures, they might even say that there is still some beauty to be seen in brutalist structures! However, there is one style of architecture that isn’t all that focused on aesthetics – agrarian architecture!

Traditionally, agrarian architecture was all about the practical side of buildings. That’s why it was used in mainly farming buildings, such as barns and outhouses. However, these days, this type of architecture is now being used in homes and residential buildings. The architects and homeowners who want this style in their homes like the practical side of the style and enjoy how ergonomic this makes the interior design. But this thought is also put into the aesthetics as well. After all, not everyone wants to live in a building as basic as a barn!

These days, agrarian architecture in homes and houses feature a mix of materials, especially natural ones such as reclaimed woods and stones. They also usually feature a lot of windows to ensure that the building floods with natural light. Other notable features include large patios and interiors with exposed beams.

9 Agrarian Interior Design Trends

  • Open-Plan Living – Traditionally, you might think of agrarian styles as being similar to traditional farmhouse styles. However, modern homes built in this style seem to now favor modern open-plan living. 
  • Earthy Color Tones – One of the main things about agrarian architecture is that it is all about creating a natural interior design. That’s why many homeowners choose to decorate their property in earthy color tones. Think colors and shades like browns, greens, and blues.
  • Use Of Reclaimed Woods – Another way to stick to the natural theme is to use a lot of reclaimed woods in the decor. These would look great used for wall and ceiling decor features.
  • Vintage Furniture – You should find that adding a few pieces of vintage furniture can also help to give a great feeling of “history meeting modern”.  
  • Live Plants – Plants as interior design features will also look brilliant in agrarian-style homes
  • Cast-Iron Garden Furniture – If you want to continue the agrarian style into your garden or patio, then it’s a really good idea to add some cast-iron garden furniture pieces. These will really complement the home’s overall interior design really well.
  • Natural Stones For Walkways – One extra way to bring more natural features to the property is to use natural stones for all outdoor walkways. 
  • Cottage Garden Plants Outside – Adding some traditional cottage garden plants will be one further way to enhance the property’s exteriors as well.
  • Large Doors Out To The Patio Or Garden – As barns have such large entryways, you might want to mirror this with large back doors that exit out to the garden or patio. This should also help to make the property’s interiors feel like they flow naturally into the garden.

As you can see, there are many great ways you can incorporate some agrarian architectural style into your own home!


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