9 Best Eco Friendly Paints

When you are choosing a new paint colour for your home, there are plenty of tough decisions to make.

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From choosing the actual colour, choosing the brand, choosing your painting contractor if you are hiring one, and deciding whether or not to paint ceilings and trim, you could spend weeks making the perfect decision for your paint job. On top of that, many people are conscious of price and the environmental impacts of their choices. 

The products that we bring into our homes make an impact on the environment, our families, and our lives, and we want to make sure that these products are safe for us to interact with every day. Paint is definitely one of those products! If you are choosing new paint for your home and are interested in making a more eco-friendly choice, below we will list 9 of the best eco-friendly paint choices. 

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First: what qualities do eco-friendly paints have? Any paint, finish, or lacquer that is labelled as eco-friendly means that the product does not contain chemicals or gases that can contaminate the air in your home. These low level toxic emissions are also known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and they slowly contaminate the air over time. For some people, VOCs can cause health complications such as dizziness, headaches, and respiratory issues. VOCs are more dangerous indoors than outdoors, and the effects are severely heightened when paint stripping products are used. The good news is that these symptoms can be avoided! 

While some people use potted plants or air purifiers to cleanse the air in their homes, there are ways to avoid VOCs altogether from the start. Below are some of our favourite eco-friendly and VOC free paints that are sure to brighten up your home while keeping your family safe and healthy. 

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  1. The Real Milk Paint Co.
    Have you heard of milk paint? This is a healthier alternative to water or oil based paints that are made from organic milk protein. The result is a biodegradable and safe paint that is VOC and odor free. Real Milk Paint Co. has a variety of colours, and even has loose pigments that you can use to create your own custom colour.
  2. Clare Paint
    This option is great for those who like the convenience of shopping online, while also getting an environmentally friendly product. Clare paint is great for trim, and each colour is specially chosen by a team of designers. All of their products are 100% VOC free and Greenguard Gold Certified, and they use low waste production and packaging methods. Clare paints even offer colour swatches and a colour quiz to help you choose your favourite colour.
  3. Backdrop
    Backdrop paints offers over 50 colours, and their climate-neutral company boasts Green Wise certification, low odor, and recyclable packaging. While they offer both interior and exterior paints, it is their exterior line that really stands out. You can even purchase an entire painting essentials kit from the company that comes with all of the tools you need to get the job done yourself.
  4. ECOS Paint
    This brand of paint is made in the USA, and is completely VOC and odor free. Not only do they have a wide selection of organic interior and exterior paints, each paint offers a complete ingredient list. ECOS paints have been used at the Louvre and Westminster Abbey, and they offer a quality product that the professionals trust.
  5. Behr Premium Plus
    If you hate applying coat after coat of paint, you’ll love the 2-in-1 paint and primer product offered by Behr. It is VOC free and Greenguard Gold Certified, and very affordable compared to similar products. You can find this product as well as their scuff free options in many hardware stores.
  6. Earth Pigments
    If you are looking for rich and earthy tones for your home, Earth Pigments offer beautiful colours made from ocher, natural mica, and bright oxide pigments. These natural pigments are sustainably harvested from the earth, and are very safe for household use. These paints do require an extra step of mixing the pigments with additional products, but the extra effort is worth the end result. 
  1. Sherwin-Williams Harmony
    The SW Harmony line is truly special as it is both VOC free and helps to reduce the emissions from other household products! The innovative technology in this paint works to purify the air in your home and reduce toxic air produced by paint, mold, mildew, and pet odors. You will find this product in many schools and is highly rated for use around children.
  2. Benjamin Moore Eco Spec
    Benjamin Moore is proud of their Eco Spec line, which comes as a primer, and in flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss finishes. This product is rated as asthma and allergy friendly, and it is available widely in hardware stores. By the way, the Eco Spec line comes in over 3,000 colours – the entire range of Benjamin Moore colours – and can even be colour matched!
  3. Homestead House
    If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly business that is also family-oriented, Homestead House paints is a family run business that operates in the Greater Toronto Area. They take a holistic approach to sustainability and offer great quality local products. All products are sourced within Canada, and they even recycle 100% of their waste water!
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Now that you have 9 options for an eco-friendly fresh coat of paint on your home, you are all set to choose some colours and brighten up your space. If you would like help choosing the best product for your home, or you need help from a professional team of house painters to get the job done, contact us today! 


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