9 Modern Tips On How To Make A Comfy Handmade Habitat For Your Cat

Many people will agree with the fact that cats are quite territorial. If you have one as your pet, don’t be surprised to lose your favorite chair forever. Cats are normally possessive and they will not find it hard to strip you of your comfort for their own benefit.

This makes it quite a challenge to cohabitate with a cat especially if you don’t know the trick behind it. Simply grant your cat their personal space of perfect happiness within your home. Nowadays, it is not hard to get comfy beds and expensive cat towers for your pet. Many cat owners, however, prefer to come up with their own design of a personalized domestic habitat for their cat and construct them themselves. You can also make affordable and unique additions domestically, specifically amazing DIY furniture that your cat will find cool. A good structure for your kitten should be designed in a way that allows it to climb, play, scratch and sleep in. It is wise to save some accessories such as money, time and space by merging a number of elements to come up with a single piece that will satisfy your kitten’s needs. Cats are very playful and find fun in scratching over surfaces. This explains why you should make furniture with scratching surfaces. Failure to do so puts your smooth piece of furniture at the risk of getting spoilt with time. If you look forward to starting off your cat keeping adventure, here is a handful of tips to get you going. You can try the following elements:

1) A Magical Hammock

How about creating a hammock under, say your coffee table? This can be a very good place for your cat to hang out and have fun swinging on it. When the cat needs to get some rest, the hammock will be a very good surface for relaxing and getting some sleep at any time of the day.

2) A  Cozy Cat Bed

This idea needs some knowledge on on how to really spoil your cat. You can make your cat a small but adequate hideaway by crocheting or knitting a soft accommodative structure.

3) Explore The Vertical Space

Cats are adventurous and ever in the mood to explore new worlds. Think of hanging a set of shelves to resemble a staircase up against a wall. This view gives your furry partner a vertical world to explore in their “missions”. You can spice up the experience by making a cat tree next to a rigid bookcase or over a doorway. The cat will have a place to curl up in after exploring the shelves.

4) Turn Tray Tables Into Cat Beds

Potential cat habitats are available all over. As you move around the house in your daily chores, don’t hesitate to take note of new habitats that your cat may find comfortable. Tray tables can serve as very nice cat habitats!

5) A Sweater Bed

You can promote your old comfy sweater to be more productive by recycling it into a snug bed for your cat. Even though you do not use the sweater anymore, it can be a source of comfort to your kitten.

6) Cat Lounger You Said?

Here is how basic it is to make a beautiful double-decker climber for your cat. Stack a side table covered with sisal on top of a coffee table lined with patches of artificial fur. Like in the Stackable Condo design above, Britney used primary Ikea elements and used sisal to wrap around the legs. A combination of fake fur elements, fun paint and a few added bells with whistles for play pimp the whole structure.

7) How About Your Very Own Castle

Cardboard Castles are a cheaper option since they can be used to make full customizable houses at a small cost. Make different sizes of holes and stack them on top of each other leaving some edges raw to provide a nice surface for your pet to scratch and rub on. Of all the ideas, this one not only seems to be the easiest one to do but also offers a vast potential for ornamentation and decoration. Consider the clever royal-looking peacock feathers that embellish the structure in the link above. Be cautious when wielding your Exacto knife to keep yourself free from self-harm.

8) Scratch friendly apartment

A little dye and a printed carpet are all you need to reclaim a boring scratching post for your cat. You can transform such a post into a useful and durable scratching post in an easy way. You can use the carpet or any thick upholstery fabric to cover the base of the post before attaching any vertically aligned supports. Cut small notches in the carpet surface on every

corner to enable it to fold neatly below the base. Also, wrap the supports in the carpet after setting them up in a way that any screws used to join different parts of the post won’t be visible through the carpet. This represents one of the several uses where sisal rope applies on your home-made cat habitat.

9) Make A Comfy Cat Case

Purchase a large bookcase on which you will cut square openings in every single shelf to make an enclosed vertical climber for your kitten. On the top of the climber, place a little bed where your pet can cuddle and rest comfortably. This setup offers extreme enjoyment at the expense of a few elements and man power. Any option that you chose from the ideas above will possess the aesthetic value of being handmade and inventful. Your little pet will definitely find it lovable and it will be quite easy to cohabitate with it without having to give up your comfortable spots to the fuzzy creature.



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