9 Stylish & Budget-Friendly Wooden Furniture Pieces for your House

Are you planning to refurbish your home? Or are you building a new home from scratch? Well, both are expensive affairs, so it is always a good idea to have a budget in mind and not cross that. If you want to decorate your home, beautifully, without spending a pretty penny, then here are some good Budget-Friendly Furniture ideas for you. 

Certain furniture pieces not only look stylish, but they add to the vibe of the space. You do not have to spend a lot of money to have a home of your dreams. All you need is a vision and a small budget. 

Here are 9 budget-friendly yet stylish pieces of furniture that you must own! 

The L-shaped sofa happens to be a very elegant addition to your home. It looks cozy and has a modern design. It is a very popular piece that rarely goes out of style. They happen to be great for smaller living rooms, so if you have a small apartment, then such a sofa will be a stylish and affordable addition to your home. 

  • Floating shelves

Floating shelves look super contemporary and add a touch of glamour to a rather dull looking wall. You can get very creative with the display items you place on them. It is a great way of organizing everything and making sure that your decorative items have a nice place to stay. They look super cool and elegant without taking up too much space. 

  • Bedside tables

The importance of a bedside table is very significant if you want to keep your glasses, your phone and your books close to your bed. An excellent place to keep your medicines, a lamp and maybe some water when you go to bed, these tables are a very practical addition to your bedroom. They add some balance to space and do not take up a lot of room as well. Floating desks. 

  • Wine Rack 

If you want to amp up your home décor then you must have a well-stocked bar at home. It will be very nice to host your friends at home and show off your liquor collection. A good bar is a must-have in every modern home these days. Plus, it adds a touch of extravagance to the surroundings. It looks like an ornamental piece in the house and it is very small, so you can either keep it in the kitchen, the living room or the dining room. Wherever you please. 

  • The coffee table

A living room cannot be complete without a coffee table. This piece of furniture somehow lends a very cosy feel to space. Usually placed in the centre of the room, it connects all the elements of the décor. It is very functional because it is great to place refreshments for your guests. Apart from that, you can place ornamental items such as flowers on the table to beautify the space. 

  • Ottomans

A very versatile piece of furniture the ottoman is usually upholstered. It looks like a low stool but happens to be very comfortable. Certain ottoman models also work as a built-in storage unit to keep the knickknacks. Plus, you can place them in any room with ease. 

  • A large mirror

Every home needs a statement mirror! Irrespective of whether you are living alone or with family, a large mirror is a must-have. The best part is that they are affordable and available in a variety of designs ranging from classic to contemporary. Mirrors add a touch of glamour to space, so do whatever, but do not skip on it. 

  • Lamps

Lamps are one of those things which you will find in every home, but you never get tired of them. It is always a good idea to buy two lamps to create some symmetry in the décor. It is versatile and can be kept in just about any part of the house. Place on the side table next to the sofa, or keep them on your nightstands, but lamps will certainly illuminate the place and give a very happy vibe. 

  • Artwork

Give a personal touch to your house, by giving it some character with the help of artwork. Unlike other pieces, this is a much more intimate item, which speaks volumes about the home owner’s personality and taste. You can place it in a different part of the house to see where does it look best. 

You do not have to spend a lot of money to beautify your house. With a few simple additions, your home will look like an absolute dream! Be smart about the placement of the items and you will be good to go.

It doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise on your furniture if you happen to be on a budget. Evok brings to you super-stylish contemporary pieces which will add pizzazz to your home. Be sure to check out the furniture online or at any of the Evok stores, to get your choice of décor at affordable prices. 


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