A clear mission to improve air quality—and wellbeing

On August 14, 2014, when uHoo was founded by young entrepreneur Dustin Onghansen and tech whiz Brian Lin, they had one vision in mind: to help people monitor and manage indoor air quality, whether in the office or in the home.

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The objective was as clear as air: to help improve the lives, health and wellbeing of others.

It was no simple task for it was truly daunting and challenging. Imagine finding a solution to something that should be everyone’s best friend and the most essential element of our human existence—the air we breathe—which can also be every one’s enemy if left dirty and polluted.

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Especially now that the human race is fighting another form of virus that has already killed millions of people around the world, the race to keep the quality of the air we breathe continues, to make it virus-free and liberated from all other pollutants like dust, pollen, allergens and bacteria.

That is why in its 7th year, as uHoo celebrates its annual #uHooDay, uHoo would like to share the company’s advocacy to as many people as possible. For uHoo, they need people to take heed of the dangers that dirty, unmonitored air quality brings to them, to their families, loved ones and friends.

It is not surprising that helping monitor clean air in the home or office became the life-long mission of both Dustin and Brian. They share the same chronic respiratory conditions that have bothered them their entire lifetime, Dustin with allergic rhinitis and Brian with asthma.

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Their conditions necessitated a solution that would help alleviate the effects of their respiratory problems, and more so that of other people. It is not about just providing a stop-gap solution but a permanent one, starting with the root cause of the problem: the air they breathe. Their life and wellbeing are at stake.

Which is why uHoo air quality monitor came about, a product that served as a “light in the tunnel” for their and 300 million other people around the world with similar or even worse respiratory problems—and continue to suffer silently.

Well, not anymore because by using uHoo, residents and office inhabitants can now track and identify effectively several air-quality factors that affect our health and wellbeing. With uHoo, it helps track, test and monitor the air we breathe—temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity, airborne chemicals, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, and air pressure—to make us feel better.

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Good thing that uHoo also has the uHoo Virus Index that makes the invisible “visible” so we can see the air around us and fight viruses indoors by using air quality data and help deactivate them in order to make the air optimized for our health and safety.

During these unprecedented times, especially because of the pandemic, we need to be wary of indoor air quality. This “invisible war” of knowing the kind of air we breathe is a serious problem, coupled with the mandatory wearing of personal protective equipment like face masks, face shields and also social distancing that has gotten into our nerves.

So, don’t worry because uHoo got our backs. On uHoo Day, it’s nice to get your own uHoo for your home or office and be on guard to protect the air we breathe so that it will sustain us and not harm us.


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