A Comprehensive Guide on Roofing for Savvy Homeowners

Roofing is one of the important aspects of the house. Construction of the house is incomplete without perfect roofing. There are numerous types of materials available in the market that is used for the construction of roof. The cottage and the bungalows require thatched or leaf roofing, whereas the flats and the latest architectural buildings require strong roofing materials. Out of all the strong roofing components, fiberglass is gaining popularity.

Definition of Roofing:

Roof coverage is the part of building construction that is designed to offer protection to the buildings from various weather conditions like rain, hail, storms and other natural calamities. Roofs across the world are of various types, materials and steepness. There are two ways to construct the roofs. One is the single piece permeable shell; it includes glass, PVC roofing membrane and metal dome. The other type has the water resistant power since it is constructed from roofing shingles, cedar shakes, natural slates, thatch, ceramic tiles and many more. The architects use the two types of roofing according to the requirements of the homeowners. Without the proper use of the roofs, the house may get affected by the natural calamities.Roofing -Savvy-Homeowners

Roof Structures around the World

In the places that receive less rainfall, the roofs of the buildings tend to have minimum roof pitch and they are extensively flat. Houses that are located in a region that receive a lot of rainfall and snowfall have steep pitched roofs, which help the water and snow to drain easily. In most of the western countries, homeowners use asphalt shingles, which is an oil based roofing component. Let us see some of the prominent roofing materials available in the market.Roofing-for-Savvy-Homeowners-1

Asphalt Shingles:

The majority of homeowners prefer using the asphalt shingles to make the roofs of the buildings. This material is not that expensive and it is easy to install, as well. Although, this material has a low life expectancy, it is widely used to construct roofs. Some of the asphalt shingles have an outer coating of fiberglass to make them long lasting. These roofing structures are available in various color options, price lists and durability options. It is one of the cheapest roofing options nowadays.

Fibreglass Roofing:

It is one of the latest types of roofing structures available in the market. FRP roofing has many advantages over the conventional products. Fibreglass is resistant to chemicals, acids and moisture. The FRP structures are available in various color options and sizes. They are durable and have high tensile strength. These roofing structures are manufactured through an advanced process known as pultrusions, and this makes it a highly durable option indeed.

Clay and Concrete Tiles:

The clay tiles are heavy and they require additional framing parts to make the structures strong and durable. The clay roofing structures are non-combustible and they are highly durable at the same time. Concrete roofing tiles provide elegant aesthetics to the house and add value to it. The clay roofing tiles are widely available.

These are few types of roofing structures that makes the house look great. Try any one of it and add elegance to your building.


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