A Foundation in Furnishings – 7 Tips For Taking Care of a New Lounge Suite

Ah, the lounge room. The place where you come home to after a hard day’s work, kick off those shoes and sit back and relax. Put on some Netflix and have a glass of wine and snuggle up to that special someone. And you’ve just purchased a brand new lounge suite. You’re going to want to keep it looking spick and span. Let’s check out seven different ways you can take care of that new suite.

Leather Care

Let’s say you’ve purchased that brand new leather lounge suites. Leather looks great, is as comfy as can be and is totally luxurious, but it requires some care and attention. In order to keep that leather feeling soft and smooth, don’t use any abrasives, solvents or detergents to clean it. Use a specialised leather cleaner and a slightly damp cloth to wipe it down. Do this once a week or once a fortnight. Don’t leave it any longer than that.

Pets Off!

While we all love our four-legged friends, they’re bad news when it comes to keeping a lounge suite looking great. Paws and claws can scratch and mar a perfect looking couch and armchair set, leaving it looking shabby and damaged. Lay down the law and ensure that your pets know their place – on the floor. By all means get them a comfortable bed or cushion so they don’t feel left out.

In Case of Stains

Accidents happen, we know. Instead of freaking out, there’s a few steps you can take if your new lounge suite sustains a stain. If it’s an oily type of stain – for example, from chocolate, fats, makeup or a drink, dab the area lightly with a paper towel at first. Then get some neutral soap and a damp, clean cloth and wipe it from the outside in. Dry it with a dry cloth. Take care not to use heaps of pressure, as this can push the stain into the leather.

A Word on Heat

Heat is not your new lounge suite’s friend. Keep it away from direct heat sources – such as heating ducts and split systems and wall heaters. Also, keep it away from direct sunlight. Place it in the room so it’s not in the path of the sun coming through the windows. Heat sources can fade and wear the leather or fabric, leaving it faded and sorry-looking.

Don’t Dry Clean or Machine Wash

This tip is self-explanatory. Keep your suite and cushions away from the washing machine and clean them by hand!

Vacuum and Dust

Make sure to vacuum the suite regularly, paying attention to both the surface and below the cushions. Use the soft, brushy vacuum head to suck up all that dirt and dust that accumulates week-in, week-out.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

When in doubt, break out the owner’s manual, which will give you a list of do’s and dont’s for your new furnishings.

Be Careful with Food and Drinks

This is self-explanatory, but if you insist on enjoying a beverage and a snack while relaxing on your new suite, take care. If you really want to preserve it for a long time, take your meals and drinks at the dining room table.

In Summary

To conclude, always be careful when eating and drinking on or new your new lounge furnishings. Be sure to read the manual and paperwork that comes with the lounge suite and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Never dry clean or machine wash the cushions, fabric or leather and keep it away from heat sources.

Make sure your furry friends have their own cushion or bed to chill out on, and use a proper leather cleaner to clean any leather. Finally, if you do stain it, follow the instructions above to avoid a lasting blemish! Enjoy and relax.


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