A Guide To Buying A Mattress

A Guide To Buying A Mattress

This short guide for helping you to choose a new bed will bring you up to speed with some of the mattress technology available today alongside the benefits each type possesses. The second part of this guide will encourage you to think about your mattress needs by providing you with some questions to answer yourself and to ask the mattress companies too.

Mattress Materials And Benefits

  • Innerspring mattress – The mattress referred to as Innerspring uses a support system made from steel coils. This particular mattresses’ strong point is centered around its ability to support your body as you sleep. The more coils within the bed, the stronger the support system.
  • Pillow-top mattress – Made from a variety of foam and fiber materials, an additional layer is sewn onto the bed, creating a pillow like feel. This is ideal for those who fancy extra comfort.

  • Hybrid mattress – Created using two materials, usually combining the traditional technology of coil springs with another fabric such as memory foam. This blend is perfect for those who are reluctant to jump on board with a full memory foam mattress.
  • Specialty foam mattress – This bedding unites a few types of foam to develop a support system for sleepers, such as latex and memory foam. This distinct mattress can usually be tailored to the consumer’s tastes for firmness, comfort, and also to incorporate heat dissipation features.
  • Gel mattress- This contains foam that includes gel in the product’s support system, upholstery layers, or both.  As with the specialty foam mattress, the gel bed offers customers different comfort and cooling features.
  • Memory foam mattress – Viscoelastic, or memory foam uses high-density polyurethane foam to construct its support system. This mattress contours to your body as you sleep to give you support and comfort.

A Few Questions To Ask And Consider When Buying A New Mattress

Now you’re clued up on a few types of mattresses the world has to offer, you may want to to look at the best mattresses brands from Best Mattress Brand and then answer/ask a few of the questions below to guide you in the right direction for choosing a new bed;

  • What’s the purpose of your new bed?

If the bed is for you, an investment in a durable quality mattress is ideal. In opposition to this, if it fits for a guest bedroom, the effectiveness and lifespan won’t need to be labored over too much.

  • How durable is the mattress?

This will determine how long the mattress is likely to last following your purchase.

  • What are the options, cost, and speed of the companies delivery service?

Here you can better understand the delivery charge, the estimated day of delivery, and whether you will receive any support for getting your mattress into your home.

  • What are the dimensions of your new mattress?

This is important to clarify to ensure your mattress can fit into your home with ease. Check out this mattress sizes guide.

Our mattresses may often be overlooked when we consider enhancing our current lifestyle. It’s something that we can take for granted, but it shouldn’t be. Sleep determines a lot about our health and the way we feel about ourselves each day we wake up. Using the guide above can help you determine what mattress materials will benefit you most and what questions to ask to funnel down your bed buying options.


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