A small space sounds like a challenge. Big cities offer residences that come with measured spaces.

We are left to make use of that minimal space, prioritize certain furniture over the others and come to terms with compromising our choices.

Some of us like the idea of an enclosed room that is cozy and comfortable, while others can feel claustrophobic.

If you have scored your first apartment, then congrats! Mainstream advice for small bedroom always tend to tell us to choose small furnishings.

However here, we’ll tell you how to stand out from the crowd and invent a new concept of what a small room could look like.

Are you in for this? Great! Then let’s discuss in details what you should and shouldn’t consider while furnishing a small bedroom.

Ten Things to Consider While Designing a Small Bedroom

  1. Simplicity Is the Key

This refers to how and where you place the pieces of furniture. We tend to highlight the bed, placing it against the main wall.

Do that, or place the bed in the middle so that you can walk on the other side of the bed as well.

In this way, you’ll free up some space, and it’ll be easier for you to make the bed. Albeit the limelight, make sure your bed is comfortable to sleep in.

If it’s not then it’s high time that you invest in a platform bed that’ll make your life easier and back-pain free.

  1. Go Dark to the Full Swing

Dark paint does make a room look small, but that shouldn’t keep you from painting your walls with a classic grey or cool toned olive.

There’s a way to contradict the darkness, but we’ll come to that later.

Dark painted walls always makes a room look chic no matter how small or big the room is. Additionally, you could also try wallpapers with patterns on them.

  1. Spread the Light Everywhere

This is essential in every small room. A well-lit room always lifts up one’s mood.

Include as many sources of light into the room as you can. However, be careful not to go overboard.

It could be decorative lightings or the lampshades beside your bed. A moderately sized chandelier works well too!

  1. The Little Things Make the Biggest Differences

For small rooms with neutral and white walls, adding a pop of color would be a mood-lifter.

Collect art pieces, paintings, and photographs and hang them on the main wall, beside or just above the bed.

Include vibrant colored rugs or pieces of furniture in your room that draws subtle attention.

  1. Miniature Furniture Is a Thing Of The Past

Ditch the idea of getting small sized furniture for small rooms. Although, this advice is widely spread, that does not mean it always works. Most interior designers suggest trying normal-sized products to keep small spaces balanced.

Or you could use larger furniture that serves you best to accommodate in an enclosed room.  

  1. An Illusion of Space can be Created

An illusion of space can be created with good mirrors that reflect light. Try hanging the curtains close to the ceiling. The point is to draw attention higher up and make the room appear larger. Also, try curtains with neutral colors that don’t scream for attention.

  1. A Tidy Room Makes for a Tidy Mind

The organization is one of the key ingredients for a good life. Even if you follow a minimal lifestyle, there’s no harm in knowing where your belongings are.

Plan a free day at home and start decluttering. This will minimize your wastage plus makes your tiny space more spacious.

  1. Forget the Scales of the Room

Make use of the furniture you have. A big bed? No problem. Let your small room only occupy a good sized bed with an adjusting table.

You don’t have to follow any rules, try something out of the box that’s awe-inspiring or simply cool to you. A small room should not stop you from going big.

  1.  A Breath of Fresh Air

Try and make a little corner to add some plants and pots. This will give your tiny space its much-needed greenery and provide a breath of fresh air.

  1. Make Use of Every Corner

Use smart furniture, the ones that can be used as one thing during the day and another thing during the night.

Turn your desk into a bedside stand or make the space below your bed a storage point.

Hang clothes or towels behind your door. Stick shelves onto the wall to maximize storage or simply to display your showpieces.

Get creative with your little room, make use of every square foot of area you have. Just don’t gag the place.

Final Words

No matter how small or big your room is, you can always decorate it the way you like. However, for a smaller space, your thought process has to be more efficient and pragmatic.

Decorate your small room with familiar belongings, keep it cozy and make it your ultimate happy place!
Author Bio:

Stephany is a content writer at FeedFond. An artist and an interior designing enthusiast, she’s a naturalist to the T. Read more of her articles at FeedFond.com.


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