A Guide To Selling Your Mobile Home Quickly

You’ve finally made the decision to sell your mobile home. But in such a saturated market and in seasons that are at times, unpredictable, it may seem too unnerving a task. This is where the National Mobile Home Buyers association’s two cents will help you out in a heartbeat.

With a few simple steps to follow, they’re empathetic to the owner’s cause of making mobile homes marketable without having to pay for exorbitant fees to other third-party agents and brokers. Thus, this quick list will prove less stressful on your end, and fruitful in gaining an audience of potential buyers.

Tips On Selling Fast On Your Own

1. Appraisal And Inspection 

Before you find yourself much too hasty in setting a hefty price tag and imagining yourself swimming in a pool of cash, it’s important to have your mobile home appraised correctly. This is the most befitting way to know what the running rate of a trailer such as yours is, as paralleled to the current going rate in the market today. 

You won’t want to shortchange yourself and set the bar way too low. Or the opposite, set that bar ridiculously high that it will turn off potential buyers who’ve already done their research and have done canvases around the block. 

Secondly, have your caravan inspected. This will be helpful in that the inspector can tell you what parts of your trailer you need to spruce up a bit or perhaps fix in order to make it more attractive to buyers. 

Now, for appraising and inspecting, you’ll have to shell out a tad. But don’t worry, it will definitely be worth it in inching you closer to securing a sale. 

2. Listings, Listings 

Very much like advertising, go ahead and include your mobile home on online listing platforms. Likewise, doing it old school through newspaper ads is also an effective method. Many caravan shoppers tend to do check on listings on their own even before considering hiring an agent (if that’s their preference). 

Therefore, put your best foot forward in having professional photos taken and arranging the layout of the listings in a way that’s not copy-or-text-heavy, is easy to read, and is striking. Remember, there are hundreds of such listings and buyers spend only a few seconds on each one. 

In those few seconds, your post should immediately catch their attention at first glance and be memorable enough to mark you positive.

3. Be Open To Open Houses 

Looking at your mobile home through pictures is one thing. The teaser to the feature film, if you will. Afterwards, you’ll have to ready your place for personal viewing. An open house. And not just one but a couple, until someone decides to strike a deal.

Most of those who scout for trailers think of these open houses as their make-or-break. If they like what they see, then they’ll sign their names instantly. It’s as simple as that. For this reason, letting the upkeep of your mobile home should be taken care of from top to bottom. 

You don’t have to go all-out and empty your bank account for this. Fill in cracks, repaint that which needs to be repainted, store away pieces of furniture that are either too bulky or are quite the eyesore, etc. 

This will tie-in with step 1 of going for an inspection. Be sure to heed the advice you’ll be given about revamping certain areas of your mobile home because these will draw the line between “meh” and “spectacular.”


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