A Handy Guide to Buying a Wooden Drawer Set

An organised home is a beautiful home, even if it is small and simple. And when it comes to organisation, drawer sets are invaluable.

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These are available in different sizes and more than just a storage option. A small compact wooden drawer set can even serve as a bedside table. Drawer sets can be used in any room to neatly arrange a variety of items for easy access and use. However, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind while choosing a wooden drawer set.

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The size of your wooden drawer set will depend on your room. A large set can easily fit into a spacious room but if you have a small, narrow space, then a tall wooden drawer set might be a good option. However, you also need to remember who will be using the set. For example, it might not be a very good idea to keep a tall set of drawers in a child’s room as they will find it difficult to access. Therefore, the best and first thing to do before you start shopping for a set of wooden drawers is to measure the space you have. Also think about the area that you would need in front of the drawer set which will allow you to open or extend the drawers fully. 

Apart from size, you need to keep in mind what you will be using this wooden drawer set for. This will help you determine the number of drawers that you would need. You can get a compact 2 drawer set to keep by your bed or use in your living room as a side table. A large set of drawers can be used in a dining area as a sideboard to keep crockery. In a child’s room, a set with large wide drawers will make it easier for them to access and store their clothes, books and other items. Keep in mind that the top of the wooden drawer set can also be used to keep a lamp, serve food or to display knickknacks.

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Style and design

Wooden drawer sets are available in a variety of styles and designs that range from rustic to modern. The style and design of the wooden drawer set that you choose to buy should go well with the décor of the room that you will place it in. A neutral design and style can sometimes be quite useful. For instance, a two-drawer set can be used in the living room as a side table or in the bedroom as a bedside table. This way, you can move or use this piece of furniture in the space or room that it is most needed. 

Another factor to consider when buying a wooden drawer set is the colour. The most preferred colour for a drawer set that will be used in a bedroom is white, however, you can get a wood polished one too for an elegant look. If you are planning on placing your wooden drawer set in the living room and have a lot of other wooden furniture pieces, then the tone and finish of your drawer set should match the other pieces. A bright coloured set of drawers can be placed near the entrance to your home to sort bags and other items. The vibrant shade will make your home look welcoming as well.

These days, drawer sets come at different price points, to suit different budgets. And their prices are usually determined by the material used, finishing, brand name, design and so on. So, it is ideal to not settle for something that is too cheap as it might not last long. Also, apart from the price, make sure that it meets your requirements for storage and fits perfectly into the space you have. If you get a wooden drawer set that features excellent craftsmanship, it makes sense to pay a little more as it will last you for a lifetime and look amazing. However, if your tastes change frequently or you are decorating a kid’s room, then you need to keep a close eye on your budget. As children grow, they outgrow the furniture in their room, including a drawer set. So, to be on the safe side, getting a drawer set that has large wide drawers at the bottom for clothes or books and a couple of single drawers at the top to arrange smaller or more personal items can be helpful. 

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Assembly and customisation

Most drawer sets, whether you buy them online or in-store, are available in an already assembled form. However, if they require assembly, an expert will be provided as per your convenience to put your item together. Most offline and online furniture stores also offer the option of customisation, so you can choose the type of finish you want or the type of handles that you would find easy to use. Some places might even be able to create a set of drawers based on the design that you give them. However, some or all these instances might have an impact on the overall cost. Hence, it is best to confirm all this information and clear any queries you might have before you make a purchase.To cut a long story short, drawer sets are among the most versatile, practical and functional pieces of furniture you can have in your home or even office. They can add to the décor of your home and offer storage space at the same time. So, if you are planning on getting a wooden drawer set, keep the above points in mind.


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