A Look at The Hottest Design Trends for New Homes in 2016

2016 is the year of home personalization. Homeowners are customizing all parts of their home, and it’s bringing beautiful ideas and trends to home design. Increasingly, home builders are designing with relaxation and luxury in mind. Clean lines and natural elements simplify and open up spaces to create inviting homes.

Take a look at these emerging trends in new homes, many of which we expect will have staying power.


Double Island in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the gathering place in the home. Because of this, kitchens are getting larger and more open. In addition, the double island is making its entrance, as back-to-back or side-by-side islands bring people together. They allow for food prep to take place right next to the serving area. The open floor plan that has been gaining momentum for years fits nicely with the double island in the kitchen.


White on White

White countertops on white cabinets on white backsplashes. Expect to see this a lot. People love the clean simplicity this look brings to a kitchen. Not only that, but white kitchens make the room appear larger and more inviting. Since the kitchen is the center of the home where people love to gather, the more inviting, the better.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

Spaces that allow for an easy flow from indoor to outdoor – and back again – are increasing in popularity. It doesn’t matter if the home is in the city, the suburbs, or the country. Home designs are making way for indoor/outdoor living to happen anywhere. Fireplaces on the patio create an outdoor living room. A dining space that opens to the patio immediately increases the size of the dining area. The point is to bring the indoors out.

Spa-Like Bathrooms

These days, we want luxury at home — and what better place to find luxury than in a spa-like bathroom retreat? Features like rain showers, shower seats, and expensive materials are found throughout many new bathrooms. In addition, bathtubs are taking center stage — literally. Beautiful bathtubs are being placed more towards the center of the room, rather than up against the wall, making the bath a beautiful focal point of the room.

Kitchen in luxury home with white cabinetry
Kitchen in luxury home with white cabinetry

Mixing It Up

Contemporary materials need not mix only with contemporary materials anymore. Expect to see natural materials like wood mixed with industrial materials like steel and glass for beautiful combinations.

Smaller Entryways

Impressive grand entryways aren’t as popular these days, but we still want to impress. Rather than a large and spacious entryway, the impressiveness is now allocated to the door. Expect to see large, beautiful doors that open immediately into the living area of the home.

Reclaimed Lumber

This eco-friendly option adds a unique element to any home. For anyone trying to avoid living in a cookie-cutter home, reclaimed lumber brings a personality to the flooring that will be different than any other home – even another home that uses reclaimed lumber.

Get-Away Rooms

Perhaps in response to the open floor plan trend, get-away rooms are popping up in more and more houses. Designed as a space to … you guessed it… get away from it all, these rooms are separate from the main area of the house, and are perfect for reading, playing games with smaller groups, or toy rooms.


Through all the trends, one theme stands supreme – customization. 2016 brings lots of ideas, and with them the freedom to design as you wish. Find a new home builder who allows you to customize to suit your needs and taste.


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