A More Pleasant Way to Wake Up: The Good Up Amplifier

Italian designer Dario Martone envisioned the Good Up amplifier, a very interesting and eco-friendly alternative to those annoying alarms that wake us every morning when going to work or school. We’re sure that there were many times when your sleep was interrupted by those shrill sounds, very unpleasant coming from your alarm clocks, because let’s face it: how many of us can wake up in the morning without the help of somebody or something? Actually, sometimes we are so tired that even that irritating sounds have no effect, but when they have, the experience is always traumatic and we end up waking up sick and nervous.

Why should always be like that and we cannot enjoy a more pleasant way to start a new day? Well, the good news is that nowadays if you search, you’ll certainly find other alternatives that meet your needs. The Good Up amplifier is one example that we’ve found searching on the Internet that promises to solve this problem, ensuring a calm and peaceful awakening. It works in conjunction with any kind of mobile phone, so you just need to choose your favourite song or sound from your mobile phone according to your personality and your mood, and place it in the cone.

Thus the high tones will be absorbed by the polyethylene low density cone and only after that will be transmitted to you so that you will not have a heart attack, while the chirping of birds ambient songs will be heard even better. In this way, you’ll wakes up softly, relaxed rather than abruptly and it gives you the chance to start your day totally different. Which makes it an even more attractive choice, despite its larger size, is that it respects also the environment because is not an electronic device, having no batteries and does not consume energy of another kind.


 Photos © Dario Martone

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