A Space Dedicated To Wellbeing: Ananda Personal Spa

All that you want after a busy day is to relax and forget about daily problems that you have. Doshi Levien thought of enhance your wellbeing experience and created Ananda, a personal spa made to offer you a total comfort and relaxation both physical and mental. Ananda, meaning ultimate bliss and was designed for Italian-based company GLASS. Doshi Levien’s innovative design approach  is based on the idea that a spa is part of people’s daily rituals and elements which are present in it were created with pleasure of use in mind so that each function has the potential to become a ritual. It explores the coming together of water, steam, light, materials and space in relation to the body. The space in which people feel comfortable to sit low to the ground by offering a low and horizontal element, the steam cabinet. It offers hot steamed towels, a porcelain aroma dispenser and a water vessel. The user can configure its own spa because Ananda is an adaptable environment.


Photos: Courtesy of Dorshi Levien.





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