Storm in a Tea Cup: Adorable Crafted Kinetic Objects from Laikingland

The famous British saying “Storm in a Teacup”, meaning a small event that has been exaggerated out of all proportion, seems to inspire the designer John Lumbus when created these adorable hand crafted tea cups in collaboration with UK and The Netherland- based creative label Laikingland, which design and manufacture beautifully crafted kinetic objects that engage and evoke a sense of play and nostalgia.


Their work represents their interest in narrative, humour and craftsmanship. “Storm in a Tea Cup” is an exclusive interactive idea tea cup for the tea lovers, full of mechanical storms- a timeless automata design, initially produced using second-hand bone china tea cups. Incredibly whimsical and wonderful, “Storm in a Tea Cup” features golden boats that ride rolling mechanical waves when you turn the golden handle. Lighting even flashes from the storm clouds.


Contemporary Dutch and English versions of it have been released in July 2010 in a limited edition of 12 pieces each of the design: Storm in a Tea Cup (Royal Delft) and Storm in a Tea Cup (The New English). Very chic hand painted ceramic cups, they just delights you. It’s one of their products which shows Laikingland’s desire to create designs around themes that will encourage everyday playfulness in the lives of their customers. You can check if they’re still available on Laikingland’s site.

Do you want to see it in motion? Check out the video at the end of the post.





Photos: © Laikingland.


Storm in a Tea Cup Royal Delft Version