8 Tables Designs Reflecting Italian Taste for Contemporary Home

The furniture is what makes the space, bringing functionality to a room. Attractive and stylish furniture, besides functionality, add personality and create a bold statement for our interiors. When we refer to tables, we all know that they are the furniture items that is less likely to miss from a home. They are the most important objects in our dining room or living rooms and it should be given the highest importance, that’s why when we should move our furniture to our new location we should take in care a trusted removals company. To choose the right table we should take into account a series of factors such as the number of members in your family, the size of the room, the interior design style and so on.

We make a selection of some tables with fabulous designs from Bonaldo, which reflects Italian tastes and lifestyle, something unique to Italy that cannot be reproduced elsewhere, but which interacts with various international trends in contemporary design.
“Only complex ideas can produce rigorous simplicity”, says those from Bonaldo, a brand that continues to be one of the main players in Italian design and production. In redifining the national design scene, the brand collaborates with famous designers for creating a wide range of models that have a great visual impact. Bonaldo produces creative, elegant, quality tables which express design and emotion for the contemporary home, with a range of shapes and lines. Take a glance at these 8 tables designs which will surely delight you.

Big Table -designer Alain Gilles

A fixed or extendable table available in different sizes and a wide range of finishes. Lacquered steel legs and a table top available in glass, veneered wood or solid wood.




Mille -designer Bartoli Design

Fixed table available in various shapes and sizes; clear glass top. Chrome-plated legs.



Vanessa – designer Bartoli Design

Table with elements in recomposed or stratified multilayer wood. Glass table top, rectangular, available in various sizes, it can also be made to measure.



Flap – designer Karim Rashid

Leaf table with side extensions. Chromed frame. Top and extensions in hard polyurethane available in different colours.




Pebble- designer Matthias Demacker




Voilà -designer Max Piva

tables-Voilà-Max Piva



Big Planet and Planet -designer Gino Carollo

tables-Big Planet-Gino-Carollo

tables-designs-Big Planet-Gino-Carollo

Lingotto -design Gino Carollo

Lingotto is an extending table with etched, chequered-pattern glass top, available in various finishes. The structure is in steel.



Photos: © Bonaldo.




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