Abstract Interpretation in Interior Design by Serghii Makhno

Inspired by nature, designers Serghii Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko gave an abstract interpretation to a space right in the middle of the urban landscape.  The materials, forms and colors used make Twister a very original place where you can relax after a work day or in weekends. Located in Kiev, Ukraine,  the main space concept concentrates in the access area on five circular booth, joined by small areas of traffic, forming dining floor, supported by spindly columns among which, at different heights, fall drops of rain as black glass lamps. The columns simulates the tornado spindle form while the parapet visually close the floor booths.

Generous holes that are oriented to the street  benefits from the presence of three-dimensional screens that filter the urban light through a countless sticks curtain. Everything suggests a natural abstracted landscape due to almost every used forms which start from circle and ellipse and materials tones that are beige, ocher, purple and brown. Even if designers used colors inspired by nature, ‘we should note the absence of shades of green that turns the concept in a subtle interpretation, sliding away from naturalistic. Futurist and minimalist furniture together with brown wall decoration that suggests a nest of birds and the original geometrical shapes and details for armchairs that remind of pine cones and coniferous forests, the entire bar area looks like a comfortable and very relaxing place. What do you think?

Photos: © Serghii Makhno, Vasiliy Butenko

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