Adapting Your Home for Mobility Access

Several of us decide to adapt our homes to make them more comfortable. This can especially benefit the elderly and people with mobility difficulties.

Specialists like Mobility Solutions have made indoor mobility easier for many. Modifying a property can further enhance this advantage.

That’s why we have listed the key points to consider for this project.

Indoor Mobility

Indoor mobility is essential for everyone. To better navigate your home, you may want to consider the fundamentals first.

Doors are often a good place to start. If you use a wheelchair or scooter, why not widen your door frames?  

That way, you’ll be able to pass through them more easily when using your mobility device. You can improve the usability of doors by switching the direction in which they open.

If you own a house, you may want to install a stairlift or banister rail. This could make it far easier to move between floors.

Both Either of these modifications could revolutionise mobility access within your property.

Safety Features

We all deserve access to the same opportunities. This includes protection, which everybody is entitled to. Daily activities should be safe for everyone. Especially those that take place in the home.

Technology has the power to make everyday tasks – like answering the door – simple and safe. With the right tools, you can monitor and manage who enters your abode.

Devices like a video-entry intercom, for example, enable home owners to view who is waiting outside.  

In addition, a key safe gives access to carers, family, and friends – and may save you from having to answer the door. For optimum safety, you can buy a police-approved version of this gadget.

Certain equipment can heighten home security for everyone. Even better, it could improve how someone with a disability gets around indoors.

Washing Facilities

For most of us, washing is a vital everyday task. And, specific facilities can make it easier for us to complete.

Battery-powered bath lifts exemplify this. These devices hold a person’s weight as they enter and exit the tub. Those with a side opening, likewise, eliminate the chore of having to climb over the side.

Hands-free toilets, on the other hand, provide washing and drying functions while the user is seated. This could help to make bathroom visits less stressful.

Using technology, people can create a home that is better suited to their needs and preferences.

Adapting your home needn’t be a difficult task. All you need to do is identify the ideal equipment and ideas. And then, you’ll be able to transform your property into a comfortable, safe and practical space. With these tips, you could achieve this goal.


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