Add more Space to your Property with Home Extensions

Whether part of the seller’s market and you are selling your house or just needing additional space to support a growing family or you need more space but are not able to afford the move, add more space to your property with home extensions or building a second storey is an option.

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Space has overtaken location as the foremost and top concern for homeowners, according to research, has taken over for the first time in years.  Add more space to your property with home extensions is a way to fit the needs of more space.

Bigger rooms moved up on the list of the most important criteria when one is looking for their dream home. Add more space to your home with extensions to fit the needs of your family or the buyer if you are in the seller’s market.

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How to add space and value to your home?

1. Extensions

Add more space to your property with an extension is generally a guaranteed way to add value if the added space to your home is a well-planned extension. If you add space to your home with an extension be sure to not overdevelop the house or land.

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 2. Internal changes

Before you fork the money for an extension, consider whether you can increase your space and how much does it add value to your property by making changes to the internal layout.

Removing or moving your internal walls will make huge differences in cost and will always be much more cost-effective than a brand new extension – just be sure not to begin to swing a sledgehammer until you’ve checked whether or not your target wall is a load-bearing wall.

3. Side extensions

Side extensions do not do much as far as adding floor space goes but will be the cheaper option and plays a huge role in how you can use your space.

4. Gardens

Don’t, for any reason at all, destroy your beautiful garden. Adding more space to your home with an extension can be great but not if it’s at the cost of your great garden.  Destroying your garden can actually be detrimental to your home’s value. Outside space is an attraction to the possible new owner if you are putting the property on the market.

Wish Wildly

The best starting point for changes to your home is a wish list. Start the list by writing down what problems you see and what goals you want to reach. Once you’ve completed the list, rank the changes in the order of priority.

Expand Efficiently

Though additions are generally about getting that extra space, additions don’t necessarily need a large one. As you plan, consider stealing the space from adjacent hallways or closets to make sure your additions remain at a modest level. For example, a cozy breakfast nook requires a few small feet of space yet can make great transformations for the entire feel of a kitchen.

Attractive Angles

An angled arrangement offers opportunities to add interesting exterior elements to position a breakfast room at an angle to help break up a rectangular facade.

Landscape Logically

A  well-designed and well-meaning addition can look horrible and hastily and mindlessly tacked on to your house if the walkways, plantings, borders, and beds surrounding the addition do not fit the design and flow of the original house.

Stay in Scale

You don’t want your new master suite or added living room to look like it decided to eat the house up. On the other side, adding a mudroom that is so tiny that it looks more like a tool storage room than an entrance is another no.

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