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Adding A Modern Farmhouse Feel To Your Home Decor

Have you been looking to spruce up your home with a simple yet sophisticated theme? 

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Modern farmhouse decor can bring your home a new sense of beauty while creating a warm and welcoming space. It is chic, rustic, and contemporary but versatile at the same time. The options are endless when designing your home with this beautiful aesthetic in mind.  

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In 2015, the modern farmhouse style started to become popular and has managed to stay relevant over the years. It can be modified and adjusted to the ever-changing trends in interior design and is still popular to this day. 

The HGTV show “Fixer Upper” and many similar shows helped to bring attention to this style of decor. This introduced the modern farmhouse theme to design enthusiasts everywhere. It mixed old and new styles, contemporary with country, and paved a way for this aesthetic to break through in the world of interior design. 

This is the perfect way to create an inviting and comfy home while maintaining a sense of sophistication in your space. There are big and small ways to incorporate this style into your home and create a beautiful yet effortless design. You can make it your own and add any details you like, but we’ve got some ideas to help get you started. 

Utilize Reclaimed Wood 

By adding reclaimed wood projects in different parts of your home, you can add a touch of warmth, while maintaining a natural and textured style. Wood can be integrated into your home in many different ways but the look it gives off will amplify the overall design. 

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Wood Flooring 

Adding reclaimed wood flooring to your home can transform any room, bringing in a warmer color palette while creating the crisp, clean look you desire. Wood floors are also durable and built to last a long time, but the more distressed the better since this will fit the entire theme. 

Wood Beams 

By adding beams made from reclaimed wood to the ceiling of your living room or kitchen, you will add a new texture within the room while keeping it simple and chic. This is an easy way to add a touch of distressed wood and take your home to the next level of achieving the modern farmhouse look you are going for. 

Wooden Mantel 

If you have a fireplace, connecting a wooden mantel above it can add a unique yet beautiful touch to your living space. This adds the warmth of wood while doubling as a place to put decor and other additional details to spruce up the room. 

Add Shiplap

By including this touch of wood in your home, you can elevate the modern farmhouse aesthetic you are creating within your living space. This layered wood look brings a simple texture and style to any room. 

The look of shiplap is distinct and can add to the theme of your home, bringing in a typical farmhouse style and modernizing it to fit the design. 

Exposed Brick 

By creating an area of exposed brick you can add character and texture to any room in your home. This can be beautiful in a living room, kitchen, or even a bedroom setting and will assist in creating a modern farmhouse aesthetic in your space. 

This is a unique touch that will set your home decor apart from others. 

Get A Harvest Table

Adding this kind of table may seem like a simple addition, but the warmth and inviting look it brings will finish off any kitchen or dining area. This will have a distressed wood look but be finished to look crisp and clean while adding texture and warm tones to the room. 

By adding a matching bench, stools, or modern chairs around it you can really achieve the modern farmhouse look you are going for. This table will be great for family gatherings and serving meals to anyone visiting your home. 

Sliding Barn Door 

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By including a sliding barn door in your home you can add a contemporary country detail to your decor in any room. This will elevate the modern farmhouse theme you are creating and complement any room it goes into. 

This is a unique piece that will be eye-catching in any space. It will add the necessary character and color to the room where you think it fits best. This is also a simple way to save space since the door slides open instead of across the floor like a traditional door would. This makes it perfect to include in a smaller room, or somewhere you want to save space. 

Add Smaller Bits Of Decor 

Now that you have your bigger pieces of decor in order and settled into your living space, you can begin to incorporate smaller details that can accentuate and add to the modern farmhouse aesthetic you are developing. These will be the finishing touches that pull the look of the entire home together. 

Oversized Light Fixtures 

By adding an oversized light fixture to any room, especially the kitchen, you can create a contrast against the wood, white walls, and simple decor by including this type of accent. It is best that it is in a metal shade, to ensure the contrast will stand out in any room. 


Adding a simple quilt to overlay any couch or chair, you will add a touch of country chic style, to pair with the modern detailing in the room. This will enhance the farmhouse decor but still incorporate well with the modern touches you are adding. 

The hand-made look of any quilt will add to the farmhouse feel contrasting well with the industrial and colorful accents. 

Glass Jars

Glass jars can be used for many different things. A vase, storage, or candle holder but regardless of how you choose to style them, they will be the perfect detail to bring a modern farmhouse design to any room in your house. 

Mason jars will be best to use, but any clear glass jar will add the proper detailing you are looking for.  

Wood Crates 

When using wood crates, they can be very functional and versatile for many different things. They can be used as a side table, a TV stand, a storage section in your kitchen, or a place to store extra blankets or quilts in your living space. The options are endless and you can get creative when figuring out how to implement them into any room you choose. 

The texture, versatility, and warmth they bring can alter the look of any room while being perfect for storage purposes as well. 

Woven Baskets 

Including natural colored woven baskets in your home, you can have a place for storage while bringing texture into the room simultaneously. A basket will look good in a mudroom, a kitchen, or in your living room for extra space to store things and maintain a casual yet contemporary look. 

Add Pops Of Color 

You can choose colors that fit the theme of your home or that you prefer and add them in where they fit accordingly. You can add pops of color with throw pillows, stool tops, an accent chair, and anywhere else you think accents should be made. 

Remember to keep it simple and add only small pops of colors in certain areas, you don’t want each room to become too busy or too colorful. The background should be white and wood, with a few colorful accents that complement the entire space. 

Industrial Accents 

By including industrial elements in your living space, you will add a modern look to any room and create a complementary contrast to the wood that is already in the space. You can even mix metals and create accents of this industrial style throughout your home. 

Adding chairs, stools, lighting or small decor that is multiple shades of metal can add a modern touch while maintaining the simplicity of the farmhouse theme. 

Casual And Contemporary Meet Country Chic

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To completely transform your home to a modern farmhouse theme, altering the decor can be the first step to developing the living space of your dreams. There are so many details that can accentuate any room and alter the entire aesthetic you create. 

Designing a modern farmhouse theme can be easy, as long as you keep focused on keeping it casual and simple in every room. Focus on minor details, add bits of decor where necessary, and allow wood to complement and add texture to create the look you are going for. 

Delving into interior design and finding what accents best fit your home can help to create the modern farmhouse aesthetic and complete the look of any room. Your space will be cozy and contemporary with bits of country chic, creating a beautiful theme that overtakes every inch of your home. 


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