Afghan Rug – An Extraordinary Home Decoration Material at Ordinary Prices

Afghan Rug – An Extraordinary Home Decoration Material at Ordinary Prices

This quote by Jim Rohn truly holds water –“Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live”. –These words truly highlight the importance of health. However, you have one good reason to disagree with Jim up to some extent. You have one beautiful place to live. It does not matter whether it is small or big, your house deserves all the attention and care you can give. And, when it comes to endowing your home with a beautiful interior, you can choose a décor from a wide range home decoration materials.

And, if you are not willing to invest a boatload of bucks in interior design, you can opt for Afghan rugs. It is an extraordinary piece of beauty that does not dig deep into your wallet. This pinnacle artwork and craftsmanship by Afghans has qualified as gorgeous décor centuries ago. Today, genuine and charming handmade afghan oriental rugs are available worldwide.  So, you can revamp the interior of your home with authentic afghan rugs whether you are living in America, Europe, Russia, India or at any place from where you can shop online.   


Just as Afghan weavers craft rugs, we have crafted a guide for buying authentic afghan oriental rugs best known for unique design, colors and not to forget, the durability.

Choose Size  

Give the first thought to the size, even before you start searching for afghan rugs online. There are different types of afghan rugs available in a wide range of sizes. Measure the size of the space where you want to place the rug. You may love to use more than one rug of different styles and colors to give a face-lift to the interior of a room. Therefore, take measurements accordingly. Note the dimensions of the area and start searching afghan rugs online.


Consider the color of the walls and floor of the room while choosing the color of the rug. The rug should perfectly blend into the color and style of the room. The color and style of the rug should complement the looks of the room. Traditionally, afghan rugs are available in a combination of dark red and black motifs.


Afghan weavers use wool from their sheep for making hand woven rugs. Wool is used for making weft, warp and pile. Goat hair is used for overbidding the sides. They drive their sheep into a stream in order to wash before shearing.


They still use natural dyes. However, now-a-days, synthetic dyes and sometimes combination of natural and synthetic dyes are used. The wool is soaked in dye to obtain the desired color and then the wool is hung for drying. Wild colors found in afghan rugs are synthetic.

Pigments in India, on market stall
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Afghan weavers hand knot rugs. Therefore, the quality of a rug greatly depends on the craftsmanship of the weaver. Therefore, when you examine the quality of an afghan rug, examine the quality of knot and wool. Wool from healthy sheep is smooth and firm. If you find the rug harsh and dry, the wool is from a deceased animal.

Apart from afghan rugs, Kilim, Turkish, Persian and Turken rugs are also very popular. In addition to oriental rugs, Ikat pillow covers, engraved brass, Ikat fabrics and Suzani embroidery are also of great use as phenomenal home decorating materials. These pieces of beauty are easily available at at prices you can easily afford. Alesouk Oriental Artisans Online Store is one stop shop for authentic and luxurious cushions & pillows, oriental rugs, wall art and other home decoration materials online. So, visit Alesouk for authentic home decoration materials.

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