All-in-One Chair for Children by Frederik Roijé

“Little Triple Chair” is a creatively ingenious all-in-one chair for children envisioned by Dutch designer Frederik Roijé, whose products impress by the way they combine functionality and aesthetics into an objects that ranks high in terms of originality. There’s no way not to love this chair design, attractive and unique, even more if thinking that it’s not an ordinary chair.

Emphasizing the value and enrichment of reading for children, as the designer said,  “Little Triple Chair” is showcasing an interesting connection between three different objects such as table, lamp and chair, which offers kids a fun and lovely experience inside their own room whether they are sitting, playing or drawing. The lamp warmly illuminates their creative world, so the little ones could continue their activity when it gets darker outside. So simple and delicate yet functional, “Little Triple Chair” is actually nice looking being suitable for children aged two to six years old. It’s made of wood in Holland, covered in a special Polyamide fiber coating which make it a soft but durable object. The chair is also great for daycares and libraries.







Photos © Frederik Roijé

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