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Getting married is a big step for everyone. The whole experience can definitely overwhelm you, and the biggest thing is planning the event. A wedding is a sacred event that will certainly bring you and your soul mate together. Nonetheless, it can also turn brides into bridezillas and be a hectic experience. This is warranted since there is so much stuff to take care of, like a Basic Invite to thank you cards post-wedding. That is why it’s essential to have a wedding planner on board to sort the stuff out.

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A wedding planner can help you out with planning the event, choosing and booking venues, and dealing with all the nitty-gritty that goes into a wedding. Unfortunately, these planners, although super helpful, can cost you thousands of dollars for just one event. That is why many families try to opt for cheaper options. One of the best decisions is getting the work done yourself. Although this comes with its own set of drawbacks, it will save you money and let you do everything according to what you pictured. After all, it’s your big day!

Best sample checklist!

Since you have decided that you would be dealing with everything yourself, it’s easy to forget many things. As the bride or groom, the event is centered around you, and you have a million things going on in your mind. But fret not; here is a list of things you must consider while prepping for your wedding. Feel free to add more items to check that are specific to your wedding.


The first thing to decide is the budget. Now money matters may be a bit taboo to talk about to parents, soon-to-be in-laws, and even your partner. Nonetheless, it would help if you asked everyone. While deciding on a budget, you should ask all your family how and if they wish to contribute.

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This can help you decide the budget for your wedding. Budget is subject to increase or decrease depending upon how many people pitch in. For example, if it’s just you and your partner, it will be something you are both comfortable in. With more helping hands, you can increase it a bit.

Date, time and place

The next biggest thing to decide is the venue and the time of the event. This is crucial since it’s the first thing to be posted to your guests in the save the dates card. For that, you need to contact different wedding places and see if they have a free slot in the week you plan to have the wedding.

You can also try different places and go with something within your budget. Once the venues are selected, it’s time to finalize when the guest should arrive and when the actual ceremony will occur. Be mindful of the time assigned to your particular slot and book it as soon as possible. The last thing you want is not to have a venue on your big day.


Nextly, since you have decided on the place and time, it’s time to make invites. An invite includes all the cards for your wedding and reception. It also contains a plethora of other necessities such as menu cards, RSVP details, maps, and event programs.

While planning for your wedding, you have to have a great invite. Nowadays, invites have taken a digital form and are shared via different social media apps. You can also go the traditional way and get them printed and posted.

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Decor and ambiance

Next up is the decor for the event. You have to find wedding decorators that not only will do the work how you like it but who are also available in your time and budget. A fabulous ambiance brings the whole event together. You would need to contact many decorators and check out their work.

This is a time-consuming process. That is why it’s always better to start earlier instead of leaving everything to the last minute. You can finalize the price and book their services for your big day. Nonetheless, if you plan on doing it yourself, you need to consider basic furniture, floral setups, and cute picture backgrounds. For a small backyard event, this can be easily done with the help of friends and family.


Food is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. Food contains many things, namely

  • Arrival drinks
  • Refreshments
  • Wedding cake
  • Send home goodies

There are loads of other things you can consider—the list of food items increases as your events and menu change. A three-course meal would certainly have a longer list of dishes than simple refreshment.


The wardrobe consists of the wedding dress for the bride and groom. The groom usually wears a sleek tux whereas the bride settles for a white gown. Along with these, you also need bridesmaid dresses and dresses for your family. Keep in mind that a custom wedding dress takes months to prepare and that is why you have to order it as soon as possible.


Something that most people forget is transportation. You need a vehicle to get to and fro from the venue, but you may also need more depending on how many guests you’re taking with you.

That is why you have to arrange enough vehicles to accommodate all your guests. As soon as you get confirmation on who is coming, it would be easier to select a mode of transport.

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Some guests may be flying from afar to get to your wedding. For those special ones, it’s best to have some setup. You can always accommodate them in one place, but since there will be more than one, it’s better to contact B&Bs or any nearby hotels.

Ensure that the guest gets a proper place to rest their eyes before your big day and a place to get back to after the event. Transport from the hotel is also something you should do for your loved ones.

Final thoughts

Besides the above, there are many other things that you have to keep in mind. Nonetheless, the above sample checklist should be good to get you started on your wedding planning. Good luck!


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