All Things You Need Know about Using Digital Menu Boards

Any firm that relies on fast-paced advertising strategies, as well as comprehensive and interactive client outreach, would benefit greatly from digital signages in the form of digital menu boards. These menus are very effective for fast food chains, diners, and certain retailers where there is a high traffic of customers. 

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For better customer experience many food chain restaurants today are using digital drive-thru menu boards that are weatherproof, easy to read in all light sources, and can be maintained easily. Here in this article, we will discuss all things you need to know about using digital menu boards.

What are digital menu boards?

A digital menu board is an electronic and modern display of your menu that is typically displayed on a television screen. They’re usually mounted on the wall so that customers entering may see the menu right away.

Customers can see what they can get on digital menu boards before they approach the cash counter. 

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What are the benefits of using digital menu boards?

  1. Easy to view any time of a day or night

Digital drive thru menu boards are a win-win situation for both you and your customers. Customers like digital boards because they represent information in an easy-to-understand manner and are visually appealing.

These menu boards are easy to update and help to keep the business running more efficiently. 

  1. Better Customer Experience

When a consumer is unfamiliar with a restaurant, it might be difficult to grasp what foods are available and what selections are available. For new customers, a digital restaurant menu shown on the screen can make the experience more enjoyable and clearer.

These boards make the experience more enjoyable and help customers enjoy their time at your restaurants while reducing the customer traffic in a queue.

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    3. Accurately Analyze Sales Data

Adding digital menu boards to your sales platform can provide you with a clear visual representation of how your marketing efforts are affecting sales. The more you promote certain products on your menu boards, the more likely you are to increase sales of those things. 

    4. Highlight New or Special Items

If you’ve recently added new products to your digital menu, this could be an excellent spot to promote them. You can promote your special items and offers on these boards within a fraction of seconds. 

How much does a digital menu board cost?

The price of a digital menu board is usually divided into three sections. The software fee, screen cost, and salary to pay to the team handling the content on the screen. Consumer or commercial screens are available options where commercial screens are more expensive. It’s also important to consider installation fees. These costs vary substantially depending on whether you hire a professional or do it yourself.  On average you have to spend nearly $1000-$1200 for a small lower-tech menu-boards. 

How to manage menu updates?

You’ll need a dependable software solution that works with the hardware you choose. Make sure you’re familiar with the software and can use and understand it completely. A digital signage software is a program that allows you to easily develop digital menus or use previously created designs to update them on display screens easily.


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