Amazing Outdoor Living Space by Ritz Exterior Design

Because it’s summer and many of you are thinking to upgrade your homes not only in terms of interior design, but also regarding the exterior areas, today we’are presenting you a splendid project to inspire you. Specialized in creating beautiful gardens and luxurious outdoor room designs, Australian based company RED (Ritz Exterior Design) was encharged to manage the entire landscape design and outdoor wicker patio furniture that would complement a beautiful single-storey house with seven bedrooms in Applecross, and here’s what they accomplished.


From the lighting, planting and artificial turf, decking, to the water features, pool and spa, the reticulation and brick walls, everything is gorgeous, deserving the owners’ full attention. Modern and luxurious, with a focus on the finer details, it’s the perfect place to spend hot summers and relax sipping lemonade or dipping in the pool on a hot day, or why not in the evening too. Through the overall layout, the designer from RED aim to create a resort-style ambience.

With large verge areas and two entry points of the house, the space wasn’t very easy to be made, but the result woth all the effort. They envisioned a distinct, unique style for each of the entry point, so the front entrance features timber deck stepping-stones, curved lawns and sunken beds, while the other one is improved with a large timber arbour, custom-made from recycled jarrah railway sleepers and their rusted steel feature panels. This creative approach create a beautiful shadow effect with various patterns throughout the day.


Working with Lump design studio in Melbourne, they made astonishing “Bamboo” light boxes, which powerfull illuminates the arbour at night with a scenic impact. The pool was another challenge in this project, because the existing pool shell was settled too high. In this case, they kept the current floor level and used the elevated water level to design a sheer drop into a wrap around water characteristic. Stepping-stones are clad in travertine tiles, which create a footpath around the entire pool. Looking from the appealing lounge room, the pool is almost at eye-level, and yet it blends in amazingly with the rest of the outdoor space. What do you feel about this place?




Photos © Ritz Exterior Design




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