Amazing Tea house architecture by A1 Architects

These days in almost every town there is a tea house, where you can enjoy the good taste of a hot tea, having by your side your dearest friends or family members. The tea house is the best place to meet and socialize and why not relax.


The tea house idea is originally from Asia especially China and Japan.  These countries had a considerable background in tea culture, and deep roots in medical cures. Everybody knows that there are many plants, with positive effects on human boy, used to cure some diseases. Whit time the tea houses are introduced on a global scale in continents like Europe, America, Africa, Oceania and today every one can drink a cup of tea in specific places like tea houses, on their home cities.



A beautiful and unique design is The Black Tea house designed by A1 Architects. Located in a nice garden near to a beautiful lake, with grassy banks, and spectacular surrounding open green surroundings, the Black tea house represent a small area where you can relax, read a book and enjoy the scenery while drinking a cup of tea.


The architecture is quite attractive because it has sliding doors that can be adjusted for creating a larger room which will make it more comfortable by being one with nature. Also, it has a remarkable veranda which was built of planks, where you can rest, drink tea, watch the lake view and relax. If we look closer, we can see that the whole interior design has a cone geometric shape, made of sisal ropes.


Another important aspect of interior design with high influence of, a famous Japanese tokonoma is represented by the bamboo vases sticked on the rounded wall. The Black tea house is covered with a charred larch. The tea house represent not only a place where you can sit and drink a cup of tea,  but also a rich history of an art culture.



source: Black tea house


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