An Icon of Polish Design -The RM58 Classic Armchair is Back

Designed by Roman Modzelewski over half a century ago, RM58 armchair is an icon of Polish design, which only few people know it because was decorating only walls of museum, being seen only at exhibitions and warehouses. But now, thanks to Vzór brand, whose future furniture collection will include both icons of Polish design and designs of prominent contemporary creators,  the historical model of the RM58 armchair was reproduced and introduced to serial production so that every consumer of design appreciate its beauty and experience its cosiness.


For the first time, Vzór brand has produced it industrially, of course with respect to patent rights and copyrights. Using the most modern production technologies (the rotational moulding technology -for the first time in the Polish furniture industry) and materials, they were able to create this precisely appealing form, which represents a 100% replica of the original and fits perfectly into the trendy modernistic interiors.  RM58 armchair comes in two versions: the classic version of it with the seat made of polyethylene varnished to a high gloss, and additionally, the new matt version with the seat made of polyethylene dyed in the cake. Both versions have several color options (red, green, black, yellow) to meet your interior design demands.

Vzór brand has plans to include other models in their cross-collection designed by Roman Modzelewski such as the RM 56 chair in two versions, and one version of RM 57. Stay tuned for further updates!

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Photos © Vzór

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