Apartment Design: We Start with the Choice of District and House

In this article we will help you to develop your own unique instruction, following which to enjoy life in the “perfect home” will not only you, but also many generations of followers of your ideas.

Of course, it will be about interior design, but the mood and comfort of your home begins much earlier than the threshold of the apartment: even when choosing an area, floor, yard.

All this forms your perception and environment, lays the mood of the future interior and the basic concept of the design project.


For ease of decision making when buying a home, you need to clearly articulate the task and understand what offer you are looking for? We recommend going from general to private. The advice we give in this section will help you with this.  When it comes to choosing an apartment there is no universal rule, everything is very subjective.

We choose the area of the future apartment.

To find an area where you will feel at home, you need to study your lifestyle in detail – to understand what you can’t live without and what you are willing to do. In addition, you need to check what the architect of your house thinks about the area surrounding the building. At the same time, if we are talking about creating a dream apartment, then you should assess not only the needs that are in your life today, but also try to present your life in 10-15 years.


Choose an area where the tracks are least busy and the house is at a decent distance from them.

It is important to look at the wind rose in your city and from this point of view, look at the areas where industries and cogeneration plants are located.

The wind can play an evil joke and the ecology near a factory can be much more favourable than in the neighboring area.

Transport accessibility

Even if you’re an avid car enthusiast, choose areas with developed public transport. You’ll say “thank you” to yourself for that more than once. Take a close look at all the roads around the area and follow their behavior with online maps. Check what bypasses/duplexes are, how many are there, and how good they are.

The facilities

It is important to understand if all your needs are taken into account? Carefully consider the month of your life – what you do, what you do regularly, what you do in other parts of town. This will be your basic requirement for infrastructure.  

Now imagine that 10 years have passed, a couple of gray hairs have been added to your head and your life has changed a little – some children went to school and some have a craving for extreme. Are the infrastructure requirements that you have made or are there enough to add? Let this list include everything that your soul has to do with it. No more – no less.

From the obligatory, we would include: parks, restaurants, cafes, hardware and grocery stores, banks, polyclinic, fitness club.


From your apartment today you can make an impregnable fortress, where neither the enemy nor even a friend will breakthrough.

But to feel safe on the outskirts of your fortress can not be everywhere. In any city, there are places where you will be out of place. Most often these are areas adjacent to the industrial zones of the city. 

And if you have a younger generation, it is unlikely that they will be happy when their friends and neighbors are constantly stumbling about your strict face control. So we advise you to carefully consider the environment of your future home.


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