Architecture: How A Century-Old Missouri Barn Got A Second Life As A Coworking Office And Events Space In NYC

Barns have been a big part of America’s farming history. From the 1600s to 1800s, American farmers followed the designs set by Europe.

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However, this didn’t last that long as farming started to evolve. So, the farmers began making necessary adjustments to adapt to the changes happening in their industry.

The use of barns has been on the wane. Farm animals were gradually replaced by machines. Farmers started specializing in specific crops or livestock. Slowly, technology took over each function previously provided by barns. Once dubbed as “the palaces of America,” these buildings are now falling into disrepair or being demolished as farming becomes highly modernized. 

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Fortunately, organizations like the National Barn Alliance are working to help preserve these structures. Sometimes, they are brought back to life to serve a new purpose – one that perfectly suits the modern times.

This was exactly the case for a century-old barn from the farmlands of Southern Missouri.

Century-Old Barn Turned Coworking Space

The Farm SoHo is a leading coworking facilities provider in Manhattan, NYC, that also offers venue spaces for any kind of event. Its aim was always to provide a productive place for entrepreneurs by bringing them closer to nature. With that in mind, they found this Missouri barn and decided to carefully disassemble it so that they could take it back to the city with them and give it a second life.

The building’s materials were repurposed to create a unique workspace inspired by the rural landscape. The result is an organic atmosphere that makes anyone who enters the place feel both relaxed and energized: an oasis of nature in the middle of a busy city. Going one step further, The Farm SoHo even brought a treehouse inside to serve as a one-of-a-kind meeting room!

From Rural Farmers to Urban Professionals

Now, in the middle of the ever-bustling city of New York, this barn-turned-coworking space no longer houses animals, grain, and farming equipment. Instead, it has become a home-away-from-home to a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, artists, digital nomads and thought-leaders. It provides startups with a safe, convenient and fully-equipped place to build their various business ventures – with secure 24/7 access – helping them accomplish all their goals.

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The Farm SoHo boasts a vast, well-lit communal area with long wooden tables that can be shared by the coworking space’s members, with flexible and affordable Day Pass, Hot Desk and Dedicated Desk options available. It also offers private spaces, conference rooms, and full-floor offices. Members can have access to phone booths, personal lockers, napping rooms, and kitchens, while virtual mailbox, HR, insurance and payroll support services are also available.

A Place For Family And Corporate Gatherings

Back in the old days, barns were also used for social events. Barn owners hosted dance parties and neighborhood get-togethers. Even now, you’ll see these old buildings being turned into event venues for occasions like weddings. 

In Manhattan, the century-old Missouri barn still continues to host various social gatherings as well as corporate events. The Farm SoHo’s main event venue can accommodate about 50 people. It boasts high ceilings and tall windows, providing natural light, safe ventilation and a real sense of expansive space. 

Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

Another very popular venue is The Farm SoHo’s Rooftop event space in the heart of Nolita. It has seen its share of every possible type of social and corporate gathering, from birthday celebrations, weddings, baby showers and Bar Mitzvahs to cocktail parties, networking meet-ups, product launches and even influencer-led yoga classes. This open rooftop high above the oldest cheese shop in America and with picturesque views of the Manhattan skyline has also been used in a number of photo and film shoots. 

This century-old barn may not be what it used to be. Its original appearance is long gone, though its spirit certainly remains. Everyone and everything deserves a second chance at life. While it may have lost its initial use, it sure has found a meaningful new purpose in New York City.


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