Are Apple’s Products Art?

The products coming out of Apple‘s collective mind have been, for years, far beyond the stylistic approaches taken to technology by other companies. Most people would claim that it’s one of the main drawing points of their products, and looking at the range of technology they’ve created in the last few decades, it’s somewhat difficult to argue differently.Whether you use your computer to write novels, draw band poster art, it’s likely that a Mac can do whatever you need it to, unless you’re very into PC gaming. But the design and the compact nature of them makes them perfect for those who travel, and those who want a smooth, responsive machine with none of the clunky, hard-edged aesthetics many laptops and PCs come with, even in 2011.


Apple’s biggest design breakthrough was the iPod – possibly one of the most iconic pieces of technology in decades, its smoothed-off rectangle look, and the control wheel, has been replicated by other companies not just because of its aesthetic appeal, but because of the intelligence of its design – intuitive, smart and robust. Exactly what Apple specialise in. They’re never afraid to defend their unique look, either, as you’ll find that whether you’re a tiny company or Samsung, they’ll come down on you with thunderous vengance should you try and copy any aspect of their unique looking products. But their look is so popular now that other designers struggle to come up with something the public will like, so it’s a catch 22 – to make money, be like Apple, but risk the lawsuit, which means no design, no money, and potentially no company.

Apple have a bright future ahead of them, and the current generation of iPhone-esque designs, i.e. the iPhone itself, the iPod Touch and the iPad, is still going strong with no signs of shifting into something even more modern. Apple’s definitely the number one manufacturer of what can only be deemed as “technological fashion”.


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